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  • Elections are now closed for 2015 Core Positions. Click here for election results.
  • Elections are now closed for 2014 Core Positions. Click here for election results.
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  • The 2015 NAYGN Core Elections Candidate Profiles are now available:

NAYGN Core Election Candidate Profiles


Vice President Nominees:

Carissa Fortner
Natalie Wood


Carissa FortnerCarissa Fortner Biography
Carissa is a Budget Analyst with Southern Nuclear Operating Company in Birmingham, Alabama. In this position, Carissa has the opportunity to work with a variety of departments to help manage budgetary spending. She also provides her expertise on both financial and technical projects. Carissa graduated with a B.S.B.A in Finance from Auburn University in 2010. In 2014, Carissa completed her Masters of Engineering in Construction Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.Vision Statement
I plan to provide the support needed to strengthen and improve all NAYGN chapters in order to promote the development of the future leaders of nuclear.

NAYGN History Statement
Carissa currently serves as the Chair for Southern Nuclear Operating Company’s Corporate Chapter. Previously, she served as the Vice Chair and participated on the Professional Development Committee. In 2014, Carissa led the Speaker Committee to secure all speakers for the SE Regional Conference. The conference hosted speakers from all over the country and had over 100 attendees. At the National level, Carissa is currently serving on the Sponsorship Committee securing sponsors for the 2015 year. She has already received several commitments and is in strong pursuit of more. She has been an active member of NAYGN since 2010.


Natalie Wood - 2015Natalie Wood Biography
Natalie Wood is currently the Vice President Coordinator at Entergy’s River Bend Station. She began her nuclear career in 2006 as a mechanical design engineer and then later worked as the Reactor Vessel Internals and Appendix J program owner. Natalie has served as a national ambassador for nuclear power over the past six years as a member of the Clean Energy America speaker’s bureau. Natalie resides in Louisiana with her husband and two children.Vision
NAYGN has become a strong voice for young professionals in the nuclear industry since its inception in 1999 and has grown to over 10,000 members. The nuclear industry faces regulatory, economic and knowledge retention challenges and I believe NAYGN can contribute solutions to these issues. If elected as Vice President, I would strive to continue to grow the organization, increase its influence in the industry and provide development opportunities that will prepare our membership to meet the challenges we face as nuclear professionals.

NAYGN History Statement
Natalie is a founding member of the River Bend NAYGN chapter which began in 2008 and has served as the Entergy Southern Fleet Vice President since 2009. She has received three NAYGN Excellence Awards, was a member of the 2013 Best Chapter in the Southeast and a member of the 2014 Best Chapter in North America. Natalie is also a member of The Hub team which won the Best Innovative Idea in 2014.
She has also served on the following committees:

  • 2010 Southeast Regional Conference
  • 2010 Knowledge Transfer
  • 2012 IYNC
  • 2014 Professional Development




Public Information Chair Nominees:

Alexandra Vazquez


Alexandra Vazquez NAYGNAlexandra Vazquez Biography
After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2008 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, I moved to Citrus County, FL for a position with Progress Energy. I am currently a Primary Systems Senior Engineer at the Harris Nuclear Plant. My experience includes failure modes analysis, system performance monitoring and trending, preventive maintenance, root cause analysis, operability evaluations, nonconforming condition evaluations, vibration analysis, reportability evaluations, and technical support to the plant.Vision Statement
As the Pubic Information Chair I want to lead our team to create a vital environment for this generation of young nuclear professionals through outreach and public engagement. As a team I hope to capture the needs of our members and express them through these Public Information opportunities. Ensuring that each member has an outreach opportunity will be one of my main goals. We will empower this generation to reach out to the community and assist in invaluable nuclear discussions locally, nationally and internationally.

NAYGN History Statement
My NAYGN journey began in 2009 when I was elected VP of my chapter. I coordinated meetings, events, intern activities, Engineers Week and more. I became President in 2010 and participated in the Progress Energy Fleet Steering Committee. That year our chapter completed 55 different events! In 2011 and 2012, I was the Past President and mentored the Chapter officers. I then became involved with the National NAYGN PD Committee. I facilitated a session in the 2013 Conference Leadership track and Special Programs. Recently, I lead the “Develop Yourself For Career Success” Webinars and am facilitating in the 2014 Conference.



U.S. Affairs Chair Nominee:

Nate Bennett


Nate BennetNate Bennet Biography
Nate works as a consultant in the Nuclear Asset Management practice at MCR Performance Solutions, a Chicago-based management consulting firm focused on the gas and electric utility industry.  Previously, he was a nuclear engineer with Bechtel Power Corporation, working in small modular reactor licensing in the Frederick, Maryland office and later in on-site construction support at Watts Bar Unit 2 in Tennessee.  Nate earned a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering in 2009 and a master’s degree in Energy Systems Engineering in 2011, both from the University of Michigan, and currently resides in Washington, DC.Vision Statement
The role of the US Affairs chair is to serve as the chapter advocate on the NAYGN core, so above all, my top priority is to serve the chapters.  Given my previous experience as a regional lead, I also want to see strong participation at a regional level since it’s a great way for members to broaden their NAYGN experience, even if they can’t get to a national conference.  My tenure as US Affairs Chair will be marked by three major focus areas:

  1. Maintaining and improving the current communication channels between the local chapters and the NAYGN core
  2. Facilitating regional efforts through broader idea sharing among regional leads and other members involved at the regional level
  3. Enhancing the two-way communication between the chapter leads and the core (such as through chapter lead pulse surveys on key topics, one-on-one targeted interviews with chapter leads, or other approaches)

NAYGN History Statement
Nate first learned about NAYGN through an internship at GE-Hitachi in North Carolina, and later joined the Bechtel-Frederick chapter after starting his first job out of college.  There he was part of the revamp of the local chapter, serving as chapter vice president and the host chapter planning lead for the 2012 Atlantic Regional Event.  The success of the 2012 event resulted in Nate being tapped to serve as the Atlantic Regional Lead, where he led the planning and execution of subsequent events in 2013 and 2014 in concert with the Northeast region.  For the second half of 2014, he also assisted current US Affairs Chair Jimmy Hennen with his role while on a job rotation overseas.




Special Election – Treasurer Nominees:

Steve Ward
Kristin McCoskey


2014-NAYGN-Core-Election-Candidate-Profile - Steve WardSteve Ward Biography
Steve Ward is a Senior Licensing Engineer at DTE Energy’s Fermi 2 Power Plant.  Steve started his career with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Rockville, Maryland as a Material Control and Accounting Engineer working on domestic and international safeguards and security issues.  Steve also worked for Entergy at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station.  Steve received his BS in Mathematics from the University of Utah and MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan.Vision Statement
Innovation always leads to emulation.  Practices pioneered by NAYGN are now copied by other professional societies around the world.  This is a huge compliment to NAYGN’s members and past leaders, but it requires new thinking and more energy to move NAYGN forward into the next phase of its growth.  The Treasurer’s role is not only to keep NAYGN operating today but to help NAYGN create new value from today’s resources to energize the nuclear industry and its young professionals for years to come.

NAYGN History Statement
In November, Steve was appointed as NAYGN Treasurer when the previous Treasurer moved abroad.  Steve is responsible for all of NAYGN’s finances and currently leads a new initiative to improve NAYGN through reinvesting in our organization, members, and industry.  In this behind-the-scenes role, Steve is dedicated to making a significant impact to make NAYGN the most innovative, productive, and exciting professional community in the energy industry.  Steve led four sessions for the 2013 Professional Development (PD) Conference and the new 2014 PD Conference Photo Contest, which received over 1,600 entries.


Kristin McCoskeyKristin McCoskey Biography
Kristin McCoskey is a Nuclear Fuels Safety Analysis engineer at Exelon Generation where she is responsible for accident and transient analyses for LaSalle and Clinton Stations. Previously, Kristin was a mechanical engineer with Sargent & Lundy where she supported the proposed ABWRs at South Texas Project, plant modifications for Progress Energy, Configuration Management, and Business Development. Kristin earned a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.Vision Statement
The mission of NAYGN is not only of utmost importance to Kristin, but also to the nuclear industry now and in the future. This mission cannot be carried out without the generous support of our sponsors. If elected Treasurer, Kristin plans to foster the relationships with our current sponsors and seek out new sponsorship that could allow for the support of innovative ideas for the future.  Additionally, Kristin will revel in the opportunity to manage the official NAYGN bank account, annual budget, taxes, and annual audit. Kristin hopes to further engage the large chapters at Exelon in continental NAYGN events.

NAYGN History Statement
Kristin began her involvement with NAYGN in 2006 while interning at Exelon’s LaSalle Station and has been very active since:

  • Current Exelon West Chapter Professional Development Chair
  • Exelon West Chapter Chair from 2013-2014
  • Exelon West Chapter Vice Chair from 2012-2013
  • Exelon West Chapter was awarded Best Chapter in the Midwest Region in 2013 and 2014
  • 2012 NAYGN Exelon West Chapter Leadership Award
  • Exelon Cantera Site Director from 2011-2012



Communications Chair Nominees:

Monica Beistline
Alejandra Villarreal
Ana Pisani Bracho



Monica BeistlineMonica Beistline Biography
Monica Beistline is in the Operations department at Limerick Generating Station.  She has been with Exelon for over a year, but has been in the nuclear industry for seven years in various capacities.  Previously, she worked for PSEG Nuclear as a Systems Engineer and an Equipment Reliability Improvement Engineer.  She graduated from Widener University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and is completing her last class towards a second BS in Nuclear Engineering.Vision Statement
Young professionals in nuclear are presented with an opportunity to influence the public’s view of our industry heavily.  As Communications Chair, my vision is to advance NA-YGN’s leadership role in this post-Fukushima world by continuing to drive nuclear communication through various means and media that will influence public opinions of industry favorably as well as continue to advertise our wonderful nationwide events to our members.  As NA-YGN members, we need to be vocal leaders and advocates in our workplace and communities to communicate the positive aspects of nuclear energy.

History Statement
While working at PSEG Nuclear, Monica Beistline served as chapter Communications Chair then worked her way up through roles as Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair receiving both the Excellence and Best Chapter in the Northeast awards for her work.  She continued on to become the Northeast Regional Chair where she helped lead the combined Northeast and Atlantic regional conference.  At Limerick, Monica serves as the Professional Development Chair.   Nationally, Monica is the Twitter Team Lead, leading a small group of NAYGN members who tweet the wonderful communications you receive if you follows us at @NA_YGN.

Alejandra VillarrealAlejandra Villarreal Biography
As a communications specialist, I develop and execute strategic communications plans and materials for Bechtel’s internal, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Prior to joining Bechtel, I served as an aide to a member of Congress and on the House Armed Services Committee’s Strategic Forces subcommittee, which has jurisdiction over the nation’s nuclear weapons and national labs.Education:B.S., Foreign Service – Georgetown University; M.A., Strategic Security Studies – National Defense UniversityVision Statement
Achieving strategic goals requires good storytelling, first and foremost. The most important story NAYGN can tell is the amazing work our members, committees, and chapters are doing to create professional development and networking opportunities, and to engage and inform the public about the nuclear industry.
Telling this story requires two things: strong, consistent lines of communication within NAYGN, and an amplified social media presence that showcases our contributions and engages current and prospective members, industry leaders, and communities in them.  As communications chair, this will be my strategy for supporting NAYGN’s professional development, public information, recruitment, and networking goals.

NAYGN History Statement
My NAYGN involvement began in 2012, when I helped plan and conduct a panel on nuclear nonproliferation for the 2013 PD conference, presented a session on effective messaging for congressional visits as part of that year’s Hill Day job brief webinar, and served as the publications manager for the conference. The following year, I planned and moderated a session on effective communication skills at the 2014 PD conference, worked with the PI lead to gather video interviews with conference attendees, and drafted a communications plan for the PI committee. I have also led the NAYGN Drawing Contest for two years.

Ana Pisani Bracho - 2015Ana Pisani Bracho Biography
Ana Pisani is an engineer within the Fleet Design Engineering team of Duke Energy. Ana joined the nuclear industry in 2012 after graduating from UNC Charlotte with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Ana has challenged herself by taking on new leadership opportunities while in school and within NAYGN. She promotes women going into STEM careers and is a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority, Inc. In her spare time, Ana enjoys salsa dancing and exercising.Vision Statement
If I am elected as Communications Chair, I want to accomplish two goals: to make our communications more engaging or interesting to our members, and to establish a new method of sharing information within our chapters.In order to make our communications more engaging or interesting to our members, I plan to contact members across the organization to determine what are the pros, cons and new ideas you want to see in our communications. In order to establish a new method of sharing information, I plan to collect ideas from the different committees and gather them into one for distribution.

NAYGN History Statement
Ana has been a member of NAYGN since 2012, and has been a contributor and involved member of the organization. Within the Duke Energy chapter, Ana has been the R&R chair for her site, has led multiple professional development sessions for her chapter, and is constantly volunteering for new leadership opportunities. Within the national committees of NAYGN, Ana co-organized and lead a session for the 2014 PD Conference, and co-organized two other sessions.   Currently, Ana is actively participating with the PD Committee by organizing a workshop for the 2015 PD Conference, and currently participating within the R&R Committee.




NAYGN Board of Directors (“Core”) Positions


Nominees must be NAYGN members in good standing, and under the age of 36 at the time of election. 

The NAYGN Core is NAYGN’s Board of Directors.  This elected group of individuals is responsible for overseeing the operations of NAYGN in accordance with our Rules & Bylaws. Core members work with Committees, Regional Leads, Local Chapters, and members-at-large to achieve the goals laid out in NAYGN’s five-year strategic plan. Click here to review these documents. Specific duties of the positions are described below:

Vice President

This position is open for election every year. This is a three-year total commitment: one year as Vice President, one year as President, and one year as Past President.  At the end of the Vice President’s one-year term, he or she moves to the role of President of NAYGN.  The Vice President is responsible for performing the following duties:

  • Manage NAYGN’s recruiting and retention efforts
  • Promote chapter and local section development
  • Oversee the Benchmarking Committee
  • Shadow the NAYGN President and prepare for the role

Professional Development Chair

The Professional Development Chair is elected for a two year term. This position is open for election in even years. The Professional Development Chair is responsible for all aspects of membership outreach that include professional development programs such as workshops and seminars.  It is the Professional Development Chair’s responsibility to perform the following duties:

  • Responsible for the successful planning of NAYGN’s annual professional development workshop.   This includes supervision of the conference planning committee, development of the program content, developing member communications about the conference, etc.
  • Oversee the Webinar Chair, and ensure that NAYGN hosts regular professional development webinars.
  • Maintain PD portion of website
  • Develop database of PD resources; e.g., “resource library”
  • Provide advertisement of upcoming workshops, info on how to register, etc.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair is elected for a two year term. This position is open for election in odd years. The Communications Chair is responsible for the content and timing of all forms of communications on behalf of NAYGN. This includes general outreach programs, NAYGN membership communications, interaction with the media, and communications with the NAYGN core. It is the Communication Chair’s responsibility to perform the following duties:

  • Prepare and distribute any messages to members to keep the membership informed of activities and opportunities
  • Maintain and manage all NAYGN related email and mail lists
  • Maintain the NAYGN website and social media
  • Oversee the membership chair and publications chair
  • Faciliate the development of NAYGN documents

Public Information Chair

The Public Information (PI) Chair is elected for a two year term. This position is open for election in odd years. The PI Chair has oversight responsibilities for the accuracy, content, program design and timing of most materials intended for audiences outside the NAYGN Core.  The PI Chair is responsible for a great deal of content on the NAYGN website and the execution of select regular programs such as the NAYGN Drawing Contest and organization for meetings with a PI interest. It is the Public Information Chair’s responsibility to perform the following duties:

  • Manage committees to support advocacy to diverse audiences such as students, teachers, policymakers, community groups, and the public at large.
  • Organize advocacy events such as “Hill Day”
  • Oversee the NAYGN Drawing Contest and Drawing Contest Committee/Chair
  • Maintain the PI section of the NAYGN website and database of PI resources; e.g., “resource library”
  • Act as the NAYGN point of contact for PI issues

US, Mexican, and Canadian Affairs Chairs

The NAYGN Core includes country Affairs Chairs; one each for Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  These positions have two year terms. The country Affairs Chair is the liaison between the core and the local chapters.  The Canadian Affairs Chair position is open for election in even years, and the US Affairs Chair is open for election in odd years.   The Affairs Chairs:

  • Bring important news from the local/national chapters to NAYGN Core meetings/conference
  • Bring important news from the NAYGN Core meetings/conference calls to the local/national chapters
  • Maintain a current list of local chapters and their leads
  • Hold regular meetings with the local chapter leaders and regional leads.
  • Collect the organization’s annual end of year metrics in his/her country
  • Promote the formation, growth and activity of local chapters.
  • Advocate for and facilitate the annual LCL meeting at the conference
  • Act as line of communication between the local chapters and the Core


The Treasurer is elected for a two year term.  This position is open for election in even years. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to perform the following basic functions in a timely manner:

  • Maintain the official NAYGN Bank Account
  • Manage the NAYGN annual budget
  • Manage the Sponsorship committee
  • Oversee the promotional items chair
  • Work with Accountant to file taxes and non-profit forms
  • Manage the Annual Audit