2013 Workshop and Conference

The 2013 NAYGN Annual Workshop and Conference, Securing the Future of Nuclear: Safety, Technology, and Leadership, was held May 12-14, 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C.  Almost 400 NAYGN members attended the 2013 conference to learn about the technology, regulations, and leadership skills that keep the nuclear industry safe, vibrant and growing.  Participants from all sectors of nuclear science and technology are better prepared to be future leaders.

The 2013 Annual Workshop and Conference would not be possible without the enthusiasm, support, and hours of assistance from the NAYGN members that served on the Professional Development Committee. Listed below are the NAYGN members who were active participants of the 2013 PD Committee, organized by the session content and content manager.  If given the opportunity, please be sure to thank these members for dedicating their time to make the 2013 conference a success!

Professional Development Chair: Bobby Ashworth – MPR Associates

A)  Security and Safeguards (Content Manager: Steve Ward – Entergy, Grand Gulf)

  • Mizuki Kojima* – IBEX Engineering Services
  • Maria Kriz* – Savannah River National Laboratory
  • Alejandra Villarreal* – Bechtel Corp.
  • Arihant Jain* – Enercon

B)  Safety Culture (Content Manager: Kathryn Davis – INPO)

  • Julie McClure – Entergy, Grand Gulf
  • Bristol Hartlage* – Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company
  • Sarah Schaaf – Duke Energy
  • Will Bucholtz – Bruce Power
  • Todd Cervini* – CENG, Calvert Cliffs
  • Aria Behrouzi* – Savannah River National Laboratory

C)  Technology (Content Manager: Bobby Ashworth – MPR Associates)

  • Albert Vargas – CB&I
  • Melissa Teague – Idaho National Labs
  • Sarah Schaaf – Duke Energy
  • Jennifer Reynolds* – MPR Associates
  • Aram Zare – Exelon Corp., LaSalle Station
  • Randy Schwartz* – Bechtel Corp.
  • Marc Nichol* – TRANSNUCLEAR

D)  Leadership (Content Manager: Maggie Collins – CB&I)

  • Steve Odell* – Westinghouse
  • Ben Fearing* – Strategic Talent Solutions
  • Greg Behneke* – Westinghouse
  • Vincent Williams – Southern Company
  • Alexandra Vazquez* – Duke Energy, Crystal River
  • David Sexton* – Southern Company

E)  Special Events and Programs (Content Manager: Abbey Donahue – TRANSNUCLEAR)

  • Julie McClure  – Entergy, Grand Gulf
  • Adam Howell* – AREVA
  • Luis Durani – AREVA
  • Todd Cervini – CENG, Calvert Cliffs
  • Alexandra Vazquez – Duke Energy, Crystal River
  • Melissa Teague – Idaho National Labs
  • Alejandra Villarreal – Bechtel Corp.
  • Rahul Srinivasan- MPR Associates

F)  Plenary Sessions (Content Manager: Brent Tolan – Duke Energy, Crystal River)

  • Bobby Ashworth  – MPR Associates
  • Christine Csizmadia – NEI

G)  Publications (Manager: Alejandra Villarreal – Bechtel Corp.)

  • Parastoo Muse – GEH

* – Designates Session Leads