Local Chapter Highlight

Westinghouse Electric Corporation Visits Westinghouse High School, Pittsburgh

On Friday, September 16th, 2016, engineers from Westinghouse Electric Co. partnered with United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to spend the day at Westinghouse High School for their annual Day of Caring. Westinghouse’s Day of Caring is about giving back to the community and to do so, they helped to beautify the school property by planting bulbs and mentored students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A few of Westinghouse’s personnel, including returning alumni of the school gave presentations and lead discussions for 30 students.

One activity demonstrated the type of creative thinking skills and process knowledge engineers use daily included pairing small groups of students with an engineer to build the tallest tower they could make out of spaghetti and marshmallows. The students were very engaged in the challenge in front of them and listened closely to what their mentors had to say about engineering approaches to the task.

This event was very successful as students left that day feeling encouraged to stay engaged in their education and to believe in themselves. One of the students remarked that it was really great to interact with a diverse group of engineers they could relate to and that had a similar background. Westinghouse Electric plans to continue to visit Westinghouse High School in the coming years to encourage students to pursue their interest in STEM careers and prepare them for the future. For more information on this event, please checkout the articles written by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Courier.

Entergy NAYGN Presents Exhibit at Louisiana’s STEM Expo

On Friday April 22, 2016, River Bend Station’s NAYGN participated in the Baton Rouge Earth Day like they have for the past several years. Each year, they set up a booth with snap circuits on display and allow children to reorganize the Lego-like pieces to make different circuits. While the children are having fun playing with the circuits, the group explains how the circuits they created work. Once they have gone over the basics of electricity with the children, they would then transition into explaining how electricity can be created from nuclear power and what all the benefits of nuclear power include. Over the past few years, the booth has been growing in popularity and this year they reached over 200 children. Not only did the event reach hundreds of children, but a local school teacher stopped by the booth and after hearing the NAYGN group’s presentation, the teacher asked the group to present their exhibit at the upcoming Louisiana STEM Expo.

On May 6, NAYGN’s River Bend chapter sent four members to present their exhibit at the Louisiana STEM Expo. Using the snap circuits, they were able to engage more than 250 children to create interest in electricity and educate them about electrical power generated from nuclear energy. The exhibit was very successful and is a great example of how one student outreach event can grow from a local to a state level! More info on the event can be found at www.laearthday.org and www.lastemexpo.org.

Outreach Communications

Join the Nuclear Advocacy Network!

The Nuclear Advocacy Network is the nuclear industry’s grass-roots program that gives you a voice in government.

NAN provides you with the tools you need to work in your community and get your voice as a nuclear energy advocate heard by members of Congress and your state legislators. As a member of NAN, you will get email action alerts with information and critical news about nuclear energy.

Through the network, you can have an impact in the outcome of legislation. NAN will provide you with information about how to contact your Congressional representatives and state legislators so you may let these policymakers know your views. You can be part of the action. Sign up at www.nuclearadvocacynetwork.org.  The Web page provides a registration form and basic information about the network.

To register, you will need to enter a code word, which is “uranium.” Put this in the code-word field. NAN’s membership already draws from such groups as the American Nuclear Society, North American Young Generation in Nuclear, Women in Nuclear and a number of other groups. Add your voice in support of nuclear energy!

Have a great outreach event worth sharing?  Email pi@naygn.org to have your event featured here!