Engagement Committee

Major Initiatives

  1.  Improving registration and use of the NAYGN website
  2. Membership database cleanup for ease of reaching and communicating to members
  3. Improvement of member communications via newsletters, website, and social media
  4. Designing standard brochures to hand out at booths and help communicate the value of NAYGN
  5. Placing LCL calls and activity ideas on the website https://naygn.org/local-chapters/local-chapter-resources/



To develop, implement, and create initiatives and changes to increase membership numbers and overall member experience.

Run to the Ball!

Core Sponsor

NAYGN Vice President


Committee Members

Christopher Chance

Gerard Eble

Matthew Mairinger

Elizabeth Smith

Courtney Tampas


Join us!

 If you are interested in joining

the team or learning more,

please contact vp@naygn.org



Want to learn more?

Read about the committee’s roles and responsibilities in the charter (coming soon)!