Executive Advisory Council

Executive Advisory Council Goals:

  • Provide guidance and strategic input to the NAYGN board of directors to ensure that NAYGN is aligned with supporting the nuclear industry’s challenges.
  • Communicate NAYGN’s activities and the voice of the young generation to the nuclear industry. Maintain a group of senior-level advocates for NAYGN within the nuclear industry.

Background & Purpose:

In 2007, NAYGN identified the need for dedicated executive level support. The Executive Advisory Council was formed to meet this need, and the first meeting was held in February 2008. To be reflective of NAYGN’s membership demographics, the EAC membership consists of a cross-section of North American executives who have a diverse background in nuclear science and technology. This group meets periodically with the NAYGN Vice President, President, and Past President to discuss the status of the organization, provide input on current issues, and guide the organization’s future direction. This group is also used to advocate NAYGN issues across management ranks throughout the nuclear industry.


This Committee is sponsored by the NAYGN President. For more information, contact president@naygn.org.