2015 Workshop and Conference

Nuclear Dollars and Sense

The 2015 NAYGN conference was held at the  Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC from May 12-14, 2015.   This year’s conference was different from previous years. NAYGN members participated in a 2.5-day conference that commenced with a day of NAYGN Professional Development sessions and included Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) general sessions and a Capitol Hill visit.


  Tuesday, May 12 Wednesday, May 13 Thursday, May 14
Morning NAYGN Sessions NEA morning session NEA morning session
Lunch NAYGN Lunch NAYGN lunch
Afternoon NAYGN Sessions NAYGN Hill Day
Evening NEA Opening Reception NEA Special Event





Opening Plenary

8–9:30 a.m.

This plenary will discuss how finances play a key role in nuclear’s future. Attendees will hear a keynote address on financial ethics and the role they play ensuring their organizations financial health.
Facilitator: Abbey Donahue


Breakout Sessions One

10–11:30 a.m.

Influencing Leaders Workshop – A dynamic learning activity developed by NEI in which participants gain awareness of the complex decisions that nuclear executives must make in dealing with external stakeholders.
Facilitator: Julio Adame

Advocacy Communications Workshop – Participants will gain skills to communicate pro-nuclear messages during outreach and advocacy efforts.
Facilitator: Sarah Pazdan

New Nuclear Construction Panel Discussion – Participants will hear from experts on how companies gauge energy markets and make decisions to build new nuclear.
Facilitator: Courtney Tampas

Energy Market Panel Discussion – Participants will hear how energy is treated as a commodity and how power purchase agreements and grid demand affect electricity prices.
Facilitator: Nate Bennett

Breakout Sessions Two

1–2:25 p.m.

Proposal Writing Workshop – Attendees will learn how to develop a business case and write a proposal that includes a risk evaluation.
Facilitator: Steve Odell and Kyle Hope

Effects of Cumulative Regulation – Participants will learn the complexities and challenges that utilities, vendors, and fabricators face as a result of cumulative regulation, and how to prioritize those with safety significance.
Facilitator: Joe Reed

Nuclear Plant Closure Panel Discussion – Attendees will hear from experts on how economics played a role in recent plant closures.
Facilitator: Ayesha Athar

Cost of Knowledge Transfer Panel Discussion – Attendees will hear from experts on the cost of knowledge transfer and discuss the cost of not having a knowledge transfer program.
Facilitator: Parastoo Muse


Breakout Sessions Three

2:35–4 p.m.

Wall Street Report Workshop – Participants will learn how to read an energy company’s 10Qs.
Facilitator: Daniel Cain

Megawatt Fever Workshop – Participants will learn the complexities of buying and selling energy as a commodity through a dynamic learning activity developed by Duke Energy.
Facilitator: Ana Pisani

Financial Impacts of Political Decisions Panel Discussion – Participants will hear from experts on federal energy efforts and their potential effects on the energy industry.
Facilitator: Julie McClure

Beyond Operations Funding Panel Discussion – Participants will learn about future financial implications of long-term operations, decommissioning and the back end of the fuel cycle.
Facilitator: Bristol Hartlage


Closing Plenary & Awards Ceremony

4:30–6 p.m.

Awards ceremony, closing keynote and incoming President of NAYGN’s closing address.
Facilitator:  Abbey Donahue

NEA Opening Reception

6–7:30 p.m.



NEA Plenary and Opening Sessions

8 a.m.–noon

NAYGN members will attend the Nuclear Energy Assembly’s opening plenary and sessions.

Lunch and NAYGN Capitol Hill Day Visits

Noon–6:30 p.m.

NEA Special Event

7-10 p.m.



NEA Sessions and Closing Plenary

8 a.m.–noon