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Since NAYGN’s inception in 1999, many nuclear science and technology organizations have increased the hiring of younger professionals to offset the ageing work force concern. NAYGN noticed that outside of the local chapters and continental committees few young professionals have become active within industry organizations. Organizationally, NAYGN provides its members opportunities to develop an understanding of industry issues and practice leadership skills; however, it does not provide a forum in which to practice these skills or apply them to the issues the nuclear science and technology community is facing.

Developing the next generation of nuclear leaders will require a transition period where individuals new to the industry can learn not only about the current issues the industry is addressing, but how to solve those problems by developing plans and coming to a consensus through working with industry organizations.

+One is a program where individuals with 5-10 years of industry experience may apply to become involved on an industry committee beyond those offered by NAYGN. The goal of the +One program is to give the next generation of industry leaders a chance to participate within different organization’s committee structures to learn about and better understand the current and future issues facing the industry.

A pilot program for this initiative was established in 2010, additional organizations participating in the program will be added as they become available. Before applying to any of the committees, NAYGN members must 1) either be an individual or corporate member of the participating organization and 2) have their management’s support to participate in the committee’s meetings.

Participating Organizations

American Nuclear Society
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ANS committees promote the awareness and understanding of the application of nuclear science and technology. +One members can work with nuclear science and technology experts to develop and maintain codes and standards governing many applications of nuclear science and technology.

Health Physics Society
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HPS promotes excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety. +One members can work with sub-committees to develop position statements and maintain codes and standards governing radiation safety practices.

Nuclear Energy Institute
Please remember to first log into the NEI member website.

You can then access the +One information at this location.

NEI’s Issue Task Forces are active, inclusive and results-oriented teams where +One members can learn while receiving the benefits of working with current industry experts.

ANS Committee Nominations

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) is now accepting nominations for their committees. This is a great opportunity for NAYGN members to grow professionally. If you are also an ANS member, you are encouraged to apply for these technical committees as part of NAYGN’s +One program. For more information about the available committees please use this link which will take you to the ANS committee application website.