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The Adventures of Marie and George

NAYGN has developed two children’s books about nuclear energy.

Marie and George both make their mark learning and exploring the world of different kinds energy.  

At this time, there are no ongoing projects in this area.  Please email with your ideas or questions!

Marie’s Electric Adventure

Marie’s Electric Adventure chronicles the quest of a young girl and her dog to find out why the night light went out.  This story includes whimsical characters, like a talking dog named Einstein, to make science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts fun and relatable to children.

Share Marie’s Story!

Bring Marie to a classroom near you.  Audience:  Grades K-2.

E-Mail us to request NAYGN bring this book to your community!

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George’s Energy Adventure

Come along with George (named after scientist George Alcorn) and his friends for the exciting challenge of powering a city! Take the journey to discover how energy diversification powers your world! The story describes George’s project at Edison’s Inventors Camp to power his own city. Once George realizes that one source of energy is not enough to power his city, he dreams of all the different types of energy. George learns the importance of each energy source and how working together can result in a better outcome. He returns to camp the next day to work with Marie to build a city that uses a diverse energy portfolio.

Share Georges’s Story!

Bring George to a classroom near you.

Audience: Kindergarten through Second Grade

Hashtag: #GeorgeAdoresEnergy

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