Passing Gas

How Clean Energy Makes the World Less Smelly

In collaboration with Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII), we introduce this new children’s book!

The Story

Fun rhymes guide readers through the causes and effects of carbon emissions—seen through the eyes of fluffy yellow ducks, who are simply trying to keep the world clean. But greenhouse gases—which are “tooted” into the atmosphere from natural gas, coal, and oil power plants—are making this difficult, which prompts a choir of ducks to respond: “So to get our point across, my friends will sing it in medley… these carbon emissions are silent but deadly!”. Complete with leveled questions for further discussion to be used by parents or teachers, the book is geared towards children from preschool to grade six.

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Audience: Preschool through Sixth Grade

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Passing Gas – How Clean Energy Makes the World Less Smelly was unveiled, read and promoted for Nuclear Science Week (NSW) 2021 and COP 26. 

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