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These presentations, videos, media files, and documents are to provide NAYGN members with great PI tools for any event.

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2019 Nuclear Science Week

Post Card Push Day Resources

Outreach Kit

Informative Handouts: From Harvest to Home, How Much RadiationRadiation Around You

Outreach Activities: Build a Cloud Chamber, Build an ElectroscopeMake a Reactor Model, Make 3D Models of Isotopes, Mentos and Coke ReactorNuclear Dance, and The Fission Game

Special thanks to the GE Power NAYGN Chapter for putting together the PI Outreach Kit materials above.

Chernobly Panel Resources

The Public Information team held a Chernobyl  Q&A Panel open to the general public.  The following resources were used during the event.

NAYGN PI Documents

 1.) NAYGN Brochure

Adobe PDF version: NAYGN Brochure

 2.) NAYGN Hill Day Talking Points Document

Adobe PDF version: Straight Talk on Nuclear

3.) NAYGN Congressional Communication Document

Adobe PDF version: Congressional Communication Document

4.) 2018 Teacher Workshop

NAYGN Social Media

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Presentations has presentation options on jobs, waste, radiation, reactor safety and energy realities. These presentations can also be found below for those having trouble accessing the source website. (Note:Some of the presentations have been divided into 2 or more parts due to file size limitations on the webpage – Feel free to combine back into 1 after downloading).

1.) Nuclear Fundamentals

01 Nuclear Fundamentals Part 1, 

01 Nuclear Fundamentals Part 2

2.) Radiation

02 Radiation

3.) Radioactive Waste

03 Waste

4.) Nuclear Fundamentals

04 Reactor Safety Part 1

Follow this link for a video that was to large to fit in the presentation

04 Reactor Safety Part 2

04 Reactor Safety Part 3

04 Reactor Safety Part 4

04 Reactor Safety Part 5

5.) Nuclear Fundamentals

Follow this link for a video that was to large to fit in the presentation.

05 Energy Realities Part 1

05 Energy Realities Part 2

6.) Jobs in Nuclear

06 Jobs

Other PI References:

NEI Nuclear Energy FAQs


CNA Videos

CANTeach Project and Candu Textbook

EIA Nuclear Basics

Atomic Insights Topics

WANO Tour of a Reactor


Mothers For Nuclear

Nuclear Dance Instructions