Recruiting & Retention Committee

Background & Purpose

NAYGN started a career awareness initiative in 2009. In partnership with NEI, the NAYGN staff leads this effort in many fronts. The recruiting and retention committee supports regional and local chapter career outreach activities, as requested. This career awareness initiative supports the following NAYGN goals:

  • Provide a forum for the Professional Development of its membership.

  • Actively participate in Public Information by informing and educating the general population about nuclear science and technology.

  • Actively participate in Recruitment and Retention for NAYGN and the Nuclear Industry.

  • Contribute to the Knowledge Transfer among generations of nuclear professionals.

  • Provide opportunities for members to Network.


To develop actions that facilitate growth within the nuclear industry, and bridge the experience gap by:

  • Representing NAYGN at conferences and career fairs

  • Maintaining a database that contains presentations with information about the nuclear industry

  • Building a foundation within the Boys and Girls Scouts Club highlighting the significance of nuclear energy

Committee Lead

Lauren Neuburger