2019 Q1 Excellence Award Winners

Robert Laughlin

Region: Atlantic Chapter: Enercon – Kennesaw 

The NAYGN Atlanta Chapter was planning an event to give back to the community and become more involved. Robert came up with the idea of getting involved with Trees Atlanta to plant trees throughout the park. The only thing was that NAYGN Atlanta Chapter had to raise money to cover the cost of planting the trees and needed sponsors. In order to help raise some of the funds, the Atlanta chapter proposed the idea of a cornhole tournament. They would purchase the food themselves, cook it, and sell to all who came out, and the proceeds would go to Trees Atlanta event. They also reached out to a few of their local social event areas for sponsorship and possible prizes for the winners of the tournament. Once everything was planned, the Atlanta chapter held the cornhole tournament January 22nd. The group also decided that all the funds that were raised for the event, they would match to help support Trees Atlanta as well. The Arbor Day Tree Planting event took place February 16th with Trees Atlanta at Morningside Park. It was a great turnout and the group had a ton of fun. 

Elizabeth (Liz) Mohan

Region: Northeast Chapter: NextEra Energy – Seabrook

In late 2018 and early 2019, there were changes within NAYGN leadership at the NextEra Energy – Seabrook chapter. Liz stepped up as co-chair along with another new member. As a result, much of the guidance and leadership of navigating planning events and approving a budget for the year fell on her shoulders. In two months, our chapter had an approved budget, held a successful social event, coordinated two future high school visits that she and I will be speaking at, as well as having on-site lunch and learns planned for the remainder of the year. Liz’s effective leadership skills, planning abilities, and outreach have greatly contributed to our chapter’s ability to remain an active one.  Her actions demonstrate exceptional performance, effective leadership, committed service, and enthusiasm to NAYGN and continue to play a key role in the successful operation of the chapter.

Karthik Makayee

Region: Midwest Chapter: Exelon – LaSalle 

As a networking and retention chair, Karthik has demonstrated an effective leadership by leading a game night event. He has helped NAYGN with a director’s summit, and he continues to drive for more networking events to strengthen NAYGN’s networking pillar. He has been a valuable chair for LaSalle’s NAYGN, and he takes a personal commitment in driving networking events.

Ryan Elsener

Region: Midwest Chapter: Exelon – LaSalle 

Ryan is a member of our LaSalle Station NAYGN organization and more broadly our Exelon Midwest Chapter. Ryan has championed events in public information to our local high school as well as community outreach in establishing highway cleanup campaigns. As part of an outreach day, Ryan organized an event at Seneca High School. Over a dozen site NAYGN members presented to environmental science classes the values of nuclear power, held an assembly for seniors on career and education opportunities pertaining the nuclear power, and had one-on-one sessions with students to recognize opportunities aligned to their career goals. Ryan has stepped up as a committee lead in our Nuke 101 annual event in which local school teachers visit LaSalle Station to gain skills in teaching about nuclear power. Ryan brings his passion for innovation and drive for a high quality NAYGN organization to every meeting, many of our upcoming events are built around his bright ideas. Ryan leads by example and always lends his time and helping hands at NAYGN events.

Jacob Krizmanich

Region: Atlantic Chapter: Dominion – Innsbrook

Jake has been instrumental in the Dominion-Innsbrook Chapter contributions to the NAYGN Impact Initiative where he led the Dominion-Innsbrook effort for a Q1 2019 event. Jake developed form letters to be used by all NAYGN Chapters (2017), since then these efforts culminated in letter writing event that was hosted in the Atlantic Region in 1st quarter 2019. This event was the pinnacle for Jake’s efforts as the Dominion-Innsbrook Chapter Public Information officer. Jake’s past efforts in the impact initiative led to all newly elected representatives in the Atlantic Region receiving a letter from NAYGN.