2016 Innovation Competition

All NAYGN Members are invited to participate in the 2016 innovation competition.

We are looking for innovative ideas in any and all areas that that with potential to improve the industry, for example by supporting safe, reliable operations, or saving time, money, or dose.  There will two modes of competition; one by webinar and one held during a workshop at the conference.

The webinar-based competition will happen in advance of the annual conference in May.  This first part of the competition will be held via webinar, so winning ideas can come from anywhere! To enter, all you need is an idea you can articulate and state the merits of your idea in a two-minute pitch.  Two finalists will be selected from the webinar competition.  The second competition will take place during the conference, where two finalists will also be chosen.  These four finalists will receive copies of the book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, by Adam Grant, to serve as a primer for implementing innovative ideas in the workplace.

The two finalists from the webinar based competition and the two from the conference in Miami will have the opportunity to share their ideas with the entire NAYGN conference.  All members will vote for a winner, and the top idea will win the chance to attend a pitch-meeting with top nuclear industry executives who will evaluate implementing the idea industry-wide. This grand prize also includes YGN and NEA support for fleshing out your idea and preparing a more involved pitch presentation.

For more information, you can attend an optional informational webinar on Wednesday 3/30/16. Competition webinar dates are Wed. April 27th 2016, 2PM EST for round one, and if needed Wednesday, May 11th, 2PM EST for round two.

Find out more during the webinar on March 30.

Round 1 Registration Information is coming soon.