Local Chapters Resources

NAYGN is committed to helping local chapters survive and thrive, but we do not dictate how each local chapter should be run. The resources on this website have been developed by local chapters and are posted here for the benefit of any other local chapter who may be able to benefit from their use. If you are looking for specific guidance or information that is not available here, please contact your country’s affairs chair (Canada@naygn.org or USA@naygn.org) and we would be happy to help you get what you need. 

Chapter Locations

• A list of existing local chapters and local chapter leaders is located here: Chapter List

• A map of existing local chapters is located here
Chapter Map

Attention New Leaders!
Are you a new leader of an existing chapter, or the leader of a new local chapter? Take note of the following:

• Please review this summary document, which provides information for new NAYGN leaders.  NAYGN New Leader Information
• Contact the US (USA@naygn.org) and/or Canadian Affairs Chair (Canada@naygn.org) to be added to the communication list for all NAYGN local chapter leads.
NAYGN LCL 101 (for new chapter leads)

Contact your regional lead to get in touch with other local chapter leads in your region and get on the regional contact list. 

Chapter Resources

Local Chapter Activity Ideas
Sample Meeting Invitation
• Durham Sample Charter
INPO Sample Charter
SNC Sample Charter
Entergy NAYGN Charter
• Example Newsletter #1
• Example Newsletter #2

2018 End of Year Report

•Brochure – Durham Sample 

•Brochure – How to Start a New NAYGN Chapter

Brochure – NAYGN Sponsorship (USD)

Brochure – NAYGN Sponsorship (CDN)

PVYGN Mid-Year Report

Local Chapter Communications
Local chapter leads are not only the leaders of their chapters; they are also the points of contact between their chapters and the continental NAYGN organization. NAYGN communicates with its local chapter leads through the Affairs Chairs and the Regional Leads, and uses the following tools:

Local Chapter Leads Email Distribution List

The affairs chairs maintain an email distribution list of all NAYGN local chapter leads. If you are a local chapter lead and you have not been added to this list, please contact the US (USA@naygn.org) or Canadian Affairs Chair (Canada@naygn.org).

• Monthly local chapter lead webinars

The affairs chairs host monthly webinars or teleconferences for all local chapter leaders. The purpose of these meetings is to support NAYGN local chapters by keeping you connected to the core, regional leads, and each other. These meetings provide updates on what is happening with other local chapters and issues that the core wants to communicate. These meetings also provide tips, training, or a sharing of best practices for you to help your local chapter. Additionally, this is a forum for local chapter leads to ask candid questions of the core or of each other. If you are a local chapter lead and have not received an invitation to these events, please contact the USA@naygn.org and/or Canada@naygn.org. 

                          2019 September LCL PPT (2019 September LCL WebEx)

                                  2019 August LCL PPT (2019 August LCL WebEX)

                                  2019 July LCL PPT (2019 July LCL WebEX)

                                  2019 June LCL WebEx

                                  2019 May LCL PPT

                                   2019 April LCL PPT (2019 April LCL WebEx)

                                  2019 March LCL PPT

                                 2019 January LCL PPT

                                 2018 November LCL PPT

                                 2018 August LCL PPT

                                 2018 July LCL PPT

                                 2018 June LCL PPT

                                 2018 April LCL PPT

                                 2018 March LCL PPT

                                 2018 February LCL PPT

                                2018 January LCL PPT

Local Chapter Lead Briefs

The affairs chairs send out local chapter lead briefs to communicate issues that the NAYGN core and committees want to make local chapter leads aware of.

End of Year Metrics

The NAYGN core requests that all local chapters keep track of the activities that their chapters are participating in throughout the year. Refer to the end of year metrics page for specific information on these metrics and why they are important.

Submit your metrics here: https://naygn.org/chapter-metrics/

Regional Teleconferences and Communications

Each regional lead holds regular teleconferences with his/her region, and may also use email to communicate activities and events between chapters in the region. The emails for the region leads are below:

                                                                    Email to all region leads                                                Regional@naygn.org

                                                                    Canada Regional Lead                                                    Canada@naygn.org

                                                                    Mexico Regional Lead                                                    Mexico@naygn.org

                                                                   Southeast Regional Lead                                               Southeast@naygn.org

                                                                  Carolinas Regional Lead                                                 Carolinas@naygn.org

                                                                  Northeast Regional Lead                                               Northeast@naygn.org

                                                                   Atlantic Regional Lead                                                    Atlantic@naygn.org  

                                                                   West Regional Lead                                                         West@naygn.org

                                                                  Midwest Regional Lead                                                  Midwest@naygn.org