The CB&I-Charlotte Chapter Shows Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch in Preparation for the 2015 NAYGN Poster Contest

Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch
By Cara Brown, MCL Bruns Academy*

*Originally published in The INspirer, November 2015

Classroom Visit

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN), CB&I-Charlotte chapter, came to Bruns Academy to teach fourth grade students about Nuclear Power and present their 17th Annual Poster Contest.

NAYGN provides opportunities for a young generation of nuclear enthusiasts to develop leadership and professional skills, create life-long connections, engage and inform the public and inspire today’s nuclear technology professionals to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

In support of the group’s desire to communicate the benefits of nuclear power to the general public, they demonstrated “Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch,” emphasizing the energy density nuclear power. Students were able to see a replica of a uranium pellet that creates enough energy to power a hospital!

Students were excited about the presentation and showed great interest in the steps that it takes to become an engineer. Students were also excited to show their creativity and artistic ability as they will participate in the 17th Annual Poster Contest. Students will compete for the grand prize; a classroom set of Nuclear Books, Science Kit NAYGYN T-shirt, Honorary Membership Award Certificate and Pizza Party for the winner’s class. Each winner’s school library will receive a collection of books and reference materials about nuclear science and technology with the name of the winning student inside the cover, honoring their accomplishment.

Check out the video to see how 4th grade students participated and began their brainstorming sessions for their posters!