Recent Regional Activities

End of Year Networking Socials (December 2015)

The Carolinas Region ended the year with two fantastic networking social on December 3rd.   The first was held at Balcony on the Dock in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Members from GE and Duke Energy got the opportunity to “speed network” while enjoying appetizers and desserts with a beautiful view of the Wilmington water.  The second end of year networking event was held at Exit Strategy in Charlotte, NC.  Members from AREVA, Duke Energy, Westinghouse, and CB&I enjoyed working together in teams to solve the puzzle rooms in under an hour.

Whitewater Rafting at USNWC (September 2015)

Over 50 NAYGN members and their guests networked over lunch at the US National Whitewater Center on Saturday, September 19.  The event was attended by NAYGN members from all over the Carolinas region including AREVA, Westinghouse-Midlands, Westinghouse-Charlotte, AECOM, EPRI, CB&I and Duke Energy.   Attendees played a round of NAYGN Networking Bingo to get to know each other better. The great lunch was followed by an exciting day of whitewater activities, high-ropes courses, rock climbing, and zip-lining.


Facility/Plant Tours & Carolina Beach Day (July 2015)

During a weekend in July, members of GEH and Duke Energy NAYGN Chapters participated in several key events including a GEH/GNF-A site tour, Brunswick Nuclear Plant tour, and an Oak Island Beach Day.

  • GEH/GNF-A Site Tours: GEH hosted a group of young engineers and interns from Duke Energy for a tour which included the Wilmington Field Service Center (WFSC) where they saw operators dressed in protective clothing rebuilding contaiminated tools, a cutaway of a real Reactor Pressure Vessel, the Under Vessel and Control Rod Drive Rebuild training areas, and observations of the Flow Induced Vibration laboratory.  The GE Wilmington Site tour then concluded with a special “behind the glass” tour of FMO led by members of FMO operations and Nuclear Safety Team.  When asked how the tour went, the Duke Energy NAYGN members responded “It was awesome.”  They were amazied at how close they were able to get to nuclear fuel pellets.
  • Brunswick Nuclear Plant Tour: NAYGN Members from GE got the neat opportunity to tour a working GE BWR.  Members were able to get up-close and personal with the components and systems that they analyze and design.  The tour consisted of the refueling floor, spent fuel pool, control room, the plant simulator, turbine building as well as discussions with plant personnel including the VP of Operations.
  • Carolina Beach Day: NAYGN Members from both GEH and Duke Energy met up for a fun day at the North End of Carolina Beach.  Members drove out on the beach and socialized while grilling out.  This provided a great way to wrap up the summer and socialize with other members of the region.  The day at the beach was concluded with a dinner downtown.