Virtual Professional Development Committee

Background & Purpose

The Professional Development committee establishes and implements programs of professional development for NAYGN. The responsibilities of the Professional Development committee include managing NAYGN workshops, seminars, sessions, or other involvement in technical and professional society conferences and at other stand-alone events, including helping to organize/chair sessions, identify and contact speakers, acting as a technical paper reviewer, serving as a speaker or panelist, etc.

The 2020 career report provides data that shows training and professional development are still an important focus for our members. The 2020 career report can be found at

This special committee is being formed to help deliver value-added content to our members and will continue until COVID-19 no longer threatens the ability for our members to gather together for personal and professional development.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The NAYGN core sponsor is responsible for general guidance of the committee.
  2. The Committee lead(s) is responsible for leading committee activities and member actions. This includes but is not limited to periodic committee meetings, development of content, delivery of content, facilitation of speakers, sharing of local chapter and regional content, and allocation of support for regional conferences.
  3. Maintain the Virtual PD Committee Charter current by reviewing and, if necessary, revising it periodically.
  4. Develop actions and initiatives to support member professional development based on input from the NAYGN members, committee, and NAYGN core.
  5. Committee to provide periodic updates to the Core and the general membership on professional development initiatives.
  6. Support regional conferences, either by an individual representing committee or by committee, to partner and provide support and resources to increase quality of regional conference opportunities.
  7. Committee members develop and build leadership skills in a safe space with other engaged and driven peers from the nuclear industry.

Current Actions

Please contact to engage with the committee – we’d be happy to work with you.


To share existing content, develop and/or deliver quality content virtually to our members during the time of COVID-19 where members are not able to gather together for our usual means of professional development. In addition, this committee will serve as a support structure for the committees planning regional conferences – whether in-person or virtual – ready to provide ideas, content, and other support as necessary to deliver quality opportunities for our members. 

Core Sponsor

NAYGN Professional Development Officer

Committee Lead

Joshua Bell

Committee Members

Jamie Snider

Aaron Schiller

Cayla Thompson

Emma Paul

Terry Herrmann

Christine Flynn

Amber Von-Ruden


Want to learn more?

Read about the committee’s roles and responsibilities in the