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Applications for the 2024 Atomic Mentoring Program are now open! Click one of the links below to apply prior to the application deadline:

2024 AMP Application (NAYGN, ANS-YMG, IYNC) | Application Deadline: 4/19/2024
2024 AMP Student Application (College Level Students) | Application Deadline: 4/21/2024
2024 AMP Leader Application (Supervisor/Manager or Higher) | Application Deadline: 5/10/2024

What is AMP?

Atomic Mentoring Program is a structured professional development curriculum that pairs a young working professional with a leader from a different company. In tandem, the AMP participant, “AMP-er”, practices leadership by mentoring a college level student mentee. Activities include one-on-one meetings between the leader and AMP-er over a period of 3 months.


To provide a one-on-one environment for interested AMP-ers to grow as a professional, network outside of their company, and experience serving as a mentor to the next generation.

AMP is a 12 week program with four components


One-on-One Mentoring Meetings

6 discussions to be held on a bi-weekly basis guided by the AMP workbook


Task-based Leadership Activity/Project

A meaningful activity or small project that aligns with the desired opportunities and experience gaps of the AMP-er


Job Shadowing

Shadowing at 1 high-level meeting (or similar) with a brief/debrief


Pay It Forward

AMP participants will also serve as a mentor!  They will be paired with students interested in becoming nuclear professionals and meet at least twice with their assigned student


Who’s Who and Time Commitment

Leaders are mentors to AMP-ers, these can range from first line supervisors to more senior industry leaders.  Leaders will be recruited based on the specific needs of the AMP-er cohort including leadership style, expertise, and other characteristics.  Leaders will participate in ONE training session, ONE kickoff meeting, and then meet with their AMP-er approximately 6 times from July to November 2024. Some prep work is required for the one-on-one sessions.  In addition, it is strongly encouraged that the leader develop small-scale task-based leadership activity or project.  If possible, leaders should identify a job shadowing experience for their AMP-er.

AMP-ers (or ampere, if you like puns) are participants in the program; these are NAYGN and ANS YMG members seeking a mentor in the nuclear industry.  AMP-ers will also serve as mentors to students.  The time commitment includes attending ONE training session, TWO kickoff meetings, 6 meetings with their leader and at least 2 meetings with their student mentee. AMP-ers are encouraged to job shadow with the leader (1-2 hours) and complete a task-based leadership activity/project (<5 hours).

Students are college students interested in being paired with an AMP-er mentor.  These pairings will kickoff about a month after the Leader/AMP-er kickoff. Students will attend ONE training session and ONE kickoff meeting.  Students will meet with their AMP-er at least twice.

One-on-One Meetings

The AMP Workbook will be used to guide the One-on-One meetings and provides six discussion topics to guide the mentoring relationship: Introductions, Career Planning, Goals, Career Advancement, Challenges, and Feedback. Throughout the process, under the guidance of a Leader, the AMP-er will be creating their own career map with the Leader’s feedback via the following process:


There is prep work required for both AMP-ers and Leaders outlined in the workbook to ensure the meetings are productive. Some examples of the required prep work for Leaders includes:

      1. Complete the Confidentiality and Boundaries checklist (Week 1)
      2. Review the AMP-er’s Vision and Gap Analysis (Week 3)
      3. Review the AMP-er’s SMART Goal Action Planning Worksheet (Week 5)
      4. Choose a task-based project for the AMP-er that aligns with their Vision, Gap Analysis, and SMART Goal Action Planning (prior to Week 7)
      5. Fill out the mid-program Feedback Survey (Week 7)
      6. Prepare Feedback (Week 11)

Optional discussion questions are also provided in the Workbook to aid discussions during the one-on-one meetings. 

Task-Based Leadership Activity/Project

It is strongly encouraged that the Leader and AMP-er work together (as outlined in the AMP workbook) to develop a task-based leadership activity/project.  This activity could entail professional society or industry group involvement.  Ultimately, timing for the project is up to the participants, but the task should be finalized shortly after Week 5 (“Goal Setting”).  The leader should personalize the activity based on the AMP-er’s vision, gaps, and goals.  When the leader provides the opportunity to the AMP-er, ensure the leader defines expectations and discusses “what success looks like” with the AMP-er.

Job Shadowing

It is strongly encouraged that leaders provide at least 1 opportunity for AMP-ers to shadow the leader to gain a broader understanding of the nuclear industry.  Understanding that there might be limitations on what meetings are open to individuals outside the company, this aspect of the program is optional but strongly encouraged.  Providing a shadow experience is vital to broadening the horizons of AMP-er participants and giving them a glimpse into the role of the leader.  Prior to the job shadowing experience, the leader should perform a mini-brief to discuss the activity and share any information and expectations the AMP-er should know.  This can be performed during the one-on-one sessions if the schedule aligns.  Following the meeting, the leader should debrief with the AMP-er to ensure an understanding of what took place and why.

AMP is made possible by

This program is based on resources & materials developed by the Duke Energy NAYGN Chapter.