Atomic Allies

What are Atomic Allies?

In 2020, NAYGN signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the American Nuclear Society (ANS), and U.S. Women in Nuclear (U.S. WIN) as an agreement to strengthen collaboration in advancing nuclear energy and science, professional development, and member networking to support priorities of the nuclear industry and further benefit the members of each organization.  The signing of this MOU formed a coalition of our organizations known as the Atomic Allies.

How Atomic Allies Benefits Member Organizations

The member organizations of Atomic Allies agreed to the following actions:

  • Maintain regular and ongoing communication about opportunities for collaboration and support for our members in the commercial, academic, and laboratory areas
  • Support organization collaboration by encouraging them to create inter-organization objectives at the local and university level, share communication strategies, and develop programs suited to support networking and professional development for members
  • Facilitate opportunities for cross-organizational mentoring and knowledge transfer to enhance both technical, professional, and leadership skills
  • Support one another’s events, including, but not limited to, national conferences, webinars, mentoring initiatives, leadership programs, and technical sessions
  • On occasion, develop a joint membership communication to keep each organization’s members informed
  • Advocate for initiatives that support STEM and the promotion of nuclear science, energy, and technology.
  • Share lessons learned on public outreach, communicating with stakeholders and keeping members informed and engaged
  • Create and foster a policy environment to advance the nuclear industry in the parties’ respective countries
  • Jointly recognize achievements and award outstanding service to benefit nuclear science, energy, and technology

Members of Atomic Allies