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The Awards Committee develops and maintains all submissions and approvals for awards and honors granted by NAYGN. The committee annually solicits nominations for awards and honors in accordance with the guidance for each award or honor. The Awards Chair shall be appointed annually by the President. The NAYGN Communications Officer is the core liaison to this committee. Learn more about all the award types below.

This award is given to individuals or groups who have put in significant effort to accomplish NAYGN’s mission. See current recipients here.

This Award recognizes the efforts of local NAYGN chapters for services related to the growth of members through social, community service, and professional growth activities. This award salutes chapters for overall excellence in supporting NAYGN’s mission and members and serving the industry.

This Award recognizes a local chapter’s commitment to addressing Knowledge Transfer and Retention (KTR) in the nuclear industry. This award salutes chapters for meeting NAYGN KTR objectives and innovating/advancing KTR practices. Special consideration is given to chapters that corroborate their achievements with references or other recognition.

This award recognizes a chapter’s outstanding impact to engaging and informing the public.

This award recognizes a chapter’s commitment and impact in developing the next generation of nuclear professionals.
Individual Achievement Award: This award recognizes members that strongly exemplify the pillars and mission of NAYGN, as nominated by their peers. Recipients may be recognized for exceptional leadership within NAYGN or outstanding participation in NAYGN events.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes a chapter’s commitment to significantly promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency development among their site and community. This award is meant to highlight chapters efforts to address key areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion; lead initiatives in capturing outcomes of increased awareness and understanding; implementing steps towards fostering a inclusive environment; or improving cultural competency through educational initiatives.

The Community Service award recognizes a chapter’s commitment to their community through service, volunteering, and charity. This award is intended for chapters that have demonstrated an outstanding focus on giving back to the community for which they serve and honoring those chapters that are making positive impacts to their community. This award highlights efforts of donating time, raising funds, or supporting initiatives for local causes while demonstrating to local areas the beneficial impacts of nuclear young professionals.

This award is given from those selected from the Best Chapter in the Region and is presented as a surprise at the NAYGN Annual Professional Development Conference.

This award recognizes the efforts of an individual, or a group that best exemplifies the mission of NAYGN to prepare and plan for the future of the young generation in the field of nuclear science and technology in an innovative or unique way.

In 1999, seven people set forth to create an organization that embodied the spirit of young professionals in the nuclear industry. Their goal was to provide an organization that united these young professionals who believe in nuclear science and technology and are working together throughout North America to share their passion. This is the highest award given by NAYGN to an individual. It is presented to a member of NAYGN who exemplifies the efforts of the organization’s Founders.

To recognize an executive who has gone above and beyond to support NAYGN by 1) Furthering NAYGN with their executive peers, 2) Supporting both their local and continental chapters of NAYGN (including financially), 3) Spending time mentoring the organization. The Hairston Award winner is determined solely by the NAYGN Core and it is not necessarily given out every year.

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