Christy Fletcher

Christy Fletcher

Board Sponsor


William Lee

Committee Lead


Patrick Dickerson
Timothy Crook Sarah Davis Kristie Soliman        Jin Whan Bae 


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Committee Purpose

To develop, facilitate, and analyze surveys, and report survey results, upon request of the NAYGN board of directors (NAYGN Core). To consolidate and share relevant benchmarking information, such as best practices and achievements from chapters across the NAYGN Membership.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Develop surveys based on input from the NAYGN core. The NAYGN core sponsor is responsible for defining the survey topics and the target audience. The benchmarking committee is responsible for the content development of the surveys.
  2. Administer surveys through the NAYGN Survey Monkey account: The benchmarking committee lead is the only person allowed to access the account (in addition to the NAYGN Core), for privacy reasons. Any committee members who have access to raw survey data must take the utmost care to maintain the privacy of survey respondents.
  3. Communicate with the survey target audience to promote participation. For NAYGN member surveys, communication should be done through the bi-weekly NAYGN membership announcements, the GoNuke! newsletter/blog, or “Local Chapter Lead” briefs that are sent out to chapter leads via the NAYGN Affairs Chairs. Additional communication through NAYGN social media should be considered and pursued, as appropriate.
  4. Analyze survey results. Maintain privacy and anonymity for survey respondents. Analyze all results in an ethical and fair manner.
  5. Compile survey results into a report. Present all results and comments in a fair and appropriate manner.
  6. Publicize and distribute the survey results. All benchmarking surveys shall be made available to NAYGN members, nuclear utilities and companies, government agencies, universities, and any other interested parties. Committee members may be asked to present the results of their report(s) at industry conferences or other venues.
  7. Maintain regular communications within the benchmarking committee. Provide regular updates to the NAYGN Vice President.
  8. Identify and communicate areas of concern or opportunities for improvement within the Benchmarking Committee.
    Committee Sponsor: Attend the yearly NAYGN Core meeting to provide a committee report-out.
  9. Maintain the Benchmarking Committee Charter current by reviewing and, if necessary, revising it biennially at a minimum.

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