Looking to Join?

If you are new to the industry, are looking to network, want a chance to learn new skills or are simply just curious about what NAYGN has to offer, joining won’t be a mistake. Through our many conferences, workshops and regular communications, NAYGN has something for everyone. The following outlines the criteria for becoming an NAYGN member.


The membership of NAYGN consists of Young Generation (YG) members.  YG members are persons who have a professional interest in one or more fields of nuclear science and technology or allied fields.

The active membership of NAYGN represents a diverse cross-section of the nuclear science and technology community. YG members from across North America make many important contributions to the programs and activities of the organizations. Regardless of your age, we welcome and encourage your active participation.

Voting and Officer Eligibility Requirements

The activities of NAYGN are administered by Officers (i.e., the NAYGN Core) who are elected by YG members through a majority vote.  To ensure that the vision and activities remain relevant for young professionals, NAYGN Officers must be under the age of 36 at the time of their nomination.

Any YG Member who is a member in good standing is eligible to vote in NAYGN elections. Members in good standing are those who have updated their membership information annually and are up-to-date in the payment of their dues, if dues are collected.

Membership Dues

The annual dues for NAYGN membership, if collected, are determined each year by the Board of Directors. Currently no membership dues are collected.


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