2016 3rd Quarter NAYGN Excellence Award Winners

Dacia Dallago (APS)

Coordinated and participated in an event to package food for Feed My Starving Children, the event inspired PVYGN to coordinate additional food packaging event for the local community

Leanne Burgess (APS)

Coordinated and helped run PVYGN’s 4th Annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. The event was able to raised funds to be donated to a local toy drive as well as cans of food that were donated to a community food bank

Ryne Burgess (APS)

Spear headed an effort in conjunction with the other employee engagement groups to adopt a local park to clean up monthly. Coordinated “Delivering the Nuclear Promise”  and continuous improvement events inspiring  members to question how they could help deliver the nuclear promise and drive continuous improvement

Holland Vande Krol (APS)

Participated in or helped coordinated a substantial number teambuilding and community outreach events (3-on-3 basketball tournament, softball tournament, Feed my Starving Children, and the nuclear science merit badge clinic.)

Tom Borkowski (APS)

Elevated the Arizona Boy Scout Nuclear Merit Badge clinic to unparalleled levels through addition of a new rotation for that scouts that focused on careers in nuclear and creating a session that focused on nuclear education for the parents

Daniel Zamora (APS)

Commitment above and beyond when planning a tour of the National Strategic Alliance For Flex Emergency Response (SAFER) Facility, this learning opportunity provided these members with enhanced knowledge of the industry

William Nau (APS)

Will went above and beyond for PVYGN when he helped to coordinate and organize a Palo Verde team as a team captain for the American Cancer Society’s 28th Annual Climb to Conquer Cancer Flagstaff event. With more than 70 Palo Verde employees joining the fight against cancer, nearly $5,400 was raised for the cause. His exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the community were evident through the time, effort and thoughtfulness he put into making the event a success

Lindsay Wandall (Luminant Power)

As public outreach chair of her local chapter, Lindsay has played a vital role in organizing outreach activities like hosting school groups for site visits. For example, Lindsay organized a plant tour for the Academic Decathalon team of a high school this September, which required extensive cross-department collaboration and coordination of plant resources. This high school was located over 100 miles away, and therefore reached a student population that would not otherwise have exposure to the benefits of nuclear energy.  Her leadership has been instrumental in her chapter’s successful completion of over 200 hours of public information outreach, with a total reach of over 500 people.  She has devoted many hours to coordinating public information events and otherwise contributing to the successful operation of her local chapter

Glen Lawson (Duke)

Presented an excellence professional development opportunity for the chapter regarding the details of the Three Mile Island accident through the SMEs of the Future Program

Daniel Lewis (Duke)

Captured and documented the annual chapter conference which contributed to the overall success of the chapter and its major yearly event

Daniel See (PG&E)

Manages all of the public outreach opportunities for the chapter to ensure that local school or charitable society are pleased with NAYGN support and presentations

Mike Hayes (TVA)

Displayed all the qualities of excellence through leadership in the chapter, developing /executing a fleet wide professional development day, and as a member of the HUB committee

Kathryne Richard (Areva)

Organized and led a group trip to the Pacific Northwest to tour sites important to our industry which was an invaluable opportunity to professional development, team building, and professional networking

Courtney Tampas (Scana)

Commitment to service with assisting the PI Chair and contributed to the coordination the VC Summer Public Information Blitz

Petrina Williams (Scana)

Commitment to service with assisting the PI Chair and contributed to the coordination the VC Summer Public Information Blitz

Michael Magri (NextEra)

Has been powerful force behind the successes of the chapter though gravitational leadership, guidance and support, and continuous improvement of the chapter retention and active involvement

Meghan Haidul (NextEra)

Embodies all of the core NAYGN objectives and strives to better her NAYGN chapter through innovative and creative thinking to encourage NAYGN involvement

Paul Balik (Rolls-Royce)

Exemplified dedication and ingenuity for developing the chapter by  initiating new networking and professional development opportunities, and championed weekly meetings to drive industry success utilizing NAYGN members

Sara Gates (Scana)

Stepped up on the National NAYGN US Govt. Outreach Team to support implementation of the 2016 Postcard Push Day

Christine Fletcher (Enercon)

Stepped up in a leadership role for National NAYGN  on the PI Committee as US Government Outreach Lead by leading the creative design, process of developing the 2016 Postcard,  and communication of the initiative