2019 Logo Contest – NAYGN’s 20th Anniversary

Welcome to 2019! This year NAYGN celebrates 20 years of connecting nuclear professionals, engaging the public, and preparing future leaders of the nuclear industry. We’d like to start this year off with a fresh design to commemorate the occasion! We are holding a contest for our members to design a new NAYGN logo for our 2019 communications and events.

The winning designer will be sent an NAYGN duffle bag with the winning design! To help you get started, this page contains our existing logo and colors on our website, along with a few rules for the contest. Entries and questions can be sent to 20years@naygn.web.zuul.work. Submissions are due February 7th, 2019.

First off, here is NAYGN’s current logo. An encapsulated postscript file is also available upon request to 20years@naygn.web.zuul.work, which offers a higher resolution.

To help ensure the logo can be used for printing purposes, the submitted logo must be high quality resolution, and preferably an EPS (encapsulated postscript) file.

Few companies do anniversary logos better than Disney. Here are a few examples to spur some ideas:

Our NAYGN Branding Manual contains some useful information on branding standards, including the following color identifiers:

Logo Element         CMYK (for printing)
Atom                        Blue PMS 285
Continent                Green PMS 368
Atom Path               Green PMS 368
Acronym & Name   Black PMS Black / Green PMS 368