2021 Hill Day Recap

2021 Hill Day Recap!

NAYGN’s 2022 conference concluded with a fantastic Hill Day experience for both US and Canada NAYGN members.  NAYGN members met with their Congressmen and Canadian Embassy representatives in Washington DC to educate them about the benefits of nuclear power.  We promoted the positive effects nuclear has for climate change, the number of high-paying jobs created, and nuclear’s ability to make our country energy independent.  Our US Congressmen and Canadian representatives were especially interested in the new nuclear technology currently being developed both in USA and Canada, and we were thrilled to answer all of their questions.  Here’s what we accomplished:

  • 27 states and Canada represented
  • 67 meetings: 28 Senate, 38 House, 1 Canadian Embassy (14 NAYGN members participated)
  • 135 Total NAYGN members participated