Duke Energy Wraps Up 2017 Chapter Conference

NAYGN-Duke Energy’s annual conference was hosted again with great success in early June with approximately 115 employees showing up to experience all of NAYGN’s pillars on the same day. The focus each year is professional development, and this year did not disappoint as each attendee joined in on three group sessions and one of four breakout sessions, including sessions such as “The Power of Introverts in the Workplace,” where attendees learned about the power of introverts in the workplace as told by the book Quiet, an “Advanced Innovative Nuclear Technology Panel,” and Duke Energy NAYGN’s second self-produced board game, Critical Path. The conference once again hosted an outreach event at local children’s science museum Discovery Place where Duke NAYGNers explained nuclear science to over 1000 members of the public, primarily children. The conference was kicked off and closed by networking events on the evening prior and immediately after the conference to allow Duke NAYGNers to interact in a less formal setting. Although dozens of NAYGNers assisted with the conference, a special thanks goes out to Alyse Scurlock and Amanda Lang for their significant efforts in making the conference a success!

Written by: Adam Reichenbach, NAYGN-Duke Energy
Photo Credit: Daniel Lewis, NAYGN-Duke Energy