Emotional Intelligence Webinar Recap

Thank you to all of our NAYGN members who joined us for the 'Emotional Intelligence for Leaders' webinar. Emma Paul, a First Line Manager for Business Services - Document Processing at Bruce Power, was instrumental in developing the concept for a session on Emotional Intelligence. Thanks Emma!

Kevin Kuri, a Talent Management and Leadership Development Specialist at Bruce Power, led the webinar and educated over 100 attendees. Kevin shared how Emotional Intelligence is an important part of our career and is an area we need to put time and effort into for our working relationships. From identifying what system of the brain you are using, to understanding emotional hijacking, to following the A-B-C model for reframing an event, Kevin taught us that we can manage our expectations, practice asking 'system 2' questions, reframe, and practice our emotional intelligence! Thanks Kevin!

Thank you Kevin Kuri and Emma Paul for your leadership and support of NAYGN Professional Development!

If you were able to attend, please take 5 minutes and complete this survey -  to provide your feedback on this session and provide input for additional sessions related to EQ-i (or other topics).

Also, we are looking into scheduling a repeat session of this since we had such a great turnout and there were conflicts for some. Provide your information in the survey if you are interested.

Lastly, here is a copy of the PowerPoint that Kevin walked us through during the session, for your reference.

If you ever want to get involved with NAYGN professional development, please let us know by contacting pd@naygn.org!