Engineering Presentation Wows During Career Day

[caption id="attachment_1246" align="alignleft" width="358"]Wilmington Event Pictured are NAYGN Wilmington members Emma Lebwohl and Seth Strege.[/caption]

The GEH NAYGN chapter located in Wilmington, NC participated in Career Day at Castle Hayne Elementary in April 2013. This event, organized by GEH NAYGN Outreach chairs Maggie Hwang and Tom Ganley, sent NAYGN members Tim Clark, Emma Lebwohl, and Seth Strege to present interactive demos to local fifth grade students to teach them about various careers in engineering and the importance of education to reach those careers.

One presentation taught basic mechanical and electrical engineering concepts using a robotic arm. The engineers discussed how these concepts can be used to design tools to be used at nuclear power plants.

Another presentation taught materials science engineering using an interactive hydrophobic coating demonstration. The engineers challenged the students to think of real world applications for the coating.

Prior to Career Day, many of the students thought an engineer was strictly a train engineer. After the event, the students sent the GEH engineers thank you cards for teaching them about engineering and for inspiring them to pursue engineering fields, especially in the nuclear industry!