Flat Stanley Visits Vogtle 3&4

Ms. Huff's elementary school classroom had an interesting way to travel the world: through the adventures of a personified paper cut-out named Stanley.  Southern Company decided to take Stanley to Vogtle 3&4 in Waynesboro, Georgia.  They made a story book about his trip from San Antonia, Texas so the teacher could share it with the students and point out what all Stanley saw during his visit.

The highlights of the story included him  traveling to GA for a new job, discovering the plant, learning about energy, safety, and nuclear,  and learning about different things being built at the plant.  He also enjoyed the local NAYGN members hanging out with him and throwing him a party, then traveling around to different Georgia landmarks like the Augusta National Golf Course and the World of Coke in Atlanta.

Southern company then sent a care package back with a bunch of plastic uranium pellets and information from the plant, stickers for NAYGN, and Stanley now covered in his recently-acquired personal protective equipment.

The class really liked the story and was appreciative of what NAYGN was able to do.  This was a quick, no cost way to reach a school that was far away from a nuclear plant.


Written by: Paul Rodi, NAYGN-Southern Nuclear