General Announcement: From the Board of Directors

Please welcome Ashley Lawrence to the NAYGN Board of Directors as the incoming United States (US) Operating Officer. The US Operating Officer role will transition from Nick Wilson to Ashley this May. She has been appointed by the Board to fill the completion of the term which ends May 2021.

Ashley has been a member of NAYGN since she first joined the nuclear industry, starting at Progress Energy. In 2012 she became an officer at her local site, and then in 2015 became the site NAYGN president. She maintained this role until she became the Duke NAYGN Fleet lead elect in 2018, and then the fleet lead in June of 2019.

In her NAYGN roles Ashley has helped push advocacy events with local communities, organize member interactions with site leaders and helped plan screenings of the Chernobyl series with the community. We are very excited for the new vision and talent she will be bringing to the Board!

The Board would like to thank Nick Wilson for all of his contributions to NAYGN over the years. Nick has been an incredible Board member and advocate for NAYGN. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors and upcoming Senior Reactor Operator class!