Looking Back at NAYGN in 2019

Did you have any goals for 2019?

I seem to start every year with a set of New Year's resolutions. The hardest one from 2019? Run 15 miles a week by May.

Surprise: I don't run 15 miles a week. I guess making tough goals and seeing where I land is how I learn about myself - there are things I care about more than being a runner again. A good example: NAYGN.

Since joining NAYGN's Board of Directors a few years ago, I found I also make NAYGN goals each year. Year 2019 had goals like, "Make NAYGN's 20th Anniversary celebration large and memorable," "Find ways to be an approachable President to all NAYGN members," and "Build upon NAYGN's reputation for appreciation."

 How'd we do? I like NAYGN goals because they offer another level of challenge: The success of these goals rely on a team of NAYGN members, each volunteering their time and energy to a greater cause. In some ways, this is how NAYGN's Strategic Plan is built.

Looking back at 2019, I love what all NAYGN has done! Our biggest strength (i.e. our collective energy) was in full force to support Nuclear Science Week, including the roll-out of George's Energy Adventure and the Big Event in DC. You could feel NAYGN's energy at our regional conferences this year, each one executed with high professionalism and a consistent focus on energizing the leaders of tomorrow. One of my personal favorites was the chapter takeovers of NAYGN's social media accounts, with 20+ chapters showing off amazing events, creative memes, and the promise of a great future for nuclear.

Looking into 2020, I see our energy only growing. I'm excited about our Professional Development team's book club launch! We're also taking our annual conference to a new level, with NAYGN events integrated over multiple days of the Nuclear Energy Assembly (more to come!). Year 2020 will also see the release of our 2020 Career Report, one of the greatest outputs NAYGN offers.

With 2019 ending, and NAYGN having 20 years under the belt, do you know what our members ask for the most? Professional development opportunities - the same thing our members have galvanized to since NAYGN was founded. This fundamental drive to improve yourself and apply that knowledge and skill to the industry is what makes NAYGN great.

So with that, as you draft up your 2020 New Year's resolutions, ask yourself: Do I have any NAYGN goals? It seems these chances to work on a team can teach you a lot about yourself, and what you care about.

See you in 2020!