Maries Electric Adventure – A Children’s Book

Marie's Electric Adventure: A Children's Book About Nuclear Energy

The Duke Energy chapter of NAYGN organized and wrote an elementary school-aged children's book to begin to dispel fears about nuclear energy. The characters in the book are named after important scientists in the history of nuclear: Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, and Albert Einstein. The story describes a stormy evening in the life of a little girl named Marie. After the power goes out in her home, she is upset her nightlight stops working. She leaves her stuffed penguin, Pierre, behind as she and her trusty pup Einstein go find out where power comes from.

On their journey, Einstein and Marie discover their friendly local nuclear power plant. Adam (the talking tree) helps to explain that there's nothing wrong with the power plant. A power line failure is the real culprit of the ‘broken’ nightlight. Adam also explains the basics of nuclear power production to Marie. With Marie's fears dissipated, she returns home to find the lights already back on.

The book also contains a glossary of terms, a safety message, and a bit more detail on nuclear energy. There is also a link to NAYGN's public information library and a listing of the authors.

The book is currently in the process of being published and will be ready for distribution for National Nuclear Science Week this year across the country. A survey will be forthcoming to local chapter leads to allocate free books to interested chapters. It is strongly encouraged that chapters set up events such as book readings. Consider leaving a copy in classrooms, libraries, or with a family in need in your area.  Remember that this is an outreach tool – not only is the child learning about nuclear power but also the adult who helps them read the book.  In addition, there are plans to create an e-book available for free download, include the book in the Accelerated Reader program and to offer individual orders via Amazon.

Target Audience:  5-8 year old beginning readers

Takeaway Message:  You don’t have to be afraid of the dark!  (or nuclear power!)

Article by: Ashley Marlowe, NAYGN-Duke Energy