Membership Newsletter – Volume 17 Issue 13

From your NAYGN Core

  • A big thanks to our chapters and their efforts on Postcard Push Day, whose 3,750 postcards this year bring us to 12,000 cards released since 2014. Like so much of NAYGN’s work, the power is in our unity and the volunteers that make it happen!
  • Does your chapter have big dreams, but a small budget? We want to help – send us your proposal by October 24th for NAYGN’s Innovating Our Impact initiative!
  • Excellence Awards for the 3rd Quarter of 2017 are now open.  Please do take the time and nominate one of the many great contributors to NAYGN!
  • Looking for NAYGN Drawing Contest information? It’s moved to early 2018 to help chapters focus on Marie’s Electric Adventure in 2017.  Get out there and share Marie’s adventure!
  • The Core is in need of some help with social media and GoNuke publications. Can you spare two hours a month?

Hearing from Our Members

  • In celebration of National Nuclear Science Week, many NAYGN members partnered with ANS’s Big Event efforts in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  NAYGN would like to thank Luca Capriotti (INL chapter), Amanda Lang (Duke Energy chapter), and all the other contributors from NAYGN that supported this great ANS event. Check out #nuclearsciweek for more!
  • The Carolinas and Southeast regions went out-of-the-box with a cross-regional event in Knoxville, TN, visiting Watts Bar and Oak Ridge National Labs.  Have you ever seen a High Flux Isotope Reactor?

Last Words