Membership Newsletter – Volume 17 Issue 5

Headed to Scottsdale?

  1. Don't forget to download and peruse the NEA Mobile App!
  2. Keep the conference social!  Use #NEA17
  3. Please consider attending the TIP (Top Innovative Practice) Luncheon on Tuesday.  It's free for all attendees, and certainly inspiring.
  4. Come ready to make an NAYGN Impact!
  5. Nervous?  Check out the conference pre-job brief.

Other News

  1. Four sessions of the NAYGN-NEA conference will be live-streamed on Facebook:
    • Tuesday, May 23rd 8-8:30 MST
      Address: Nuclear's Role in America's Future
      Maria G.Korsnick, President and CEO NEI
    • Tuesday, May 23rd 10:20-10:40am MST
      Presentation: Nuclear Power as a Component of American Global Leadership
      Rear Admiral Michael W. Hewitt, US Navy ret.
    • Tuesday, May 23rd 2:10-2:40pm MST
      Political Commentary: Donald Trump: An Andrew Jackson for the 21st Century
      Jon Meacham, author and historian
    • Wednesday, May 24th 8-8:20 MST
      Industry Address by Westinghouse
      Jose Gutierrez, Interim President and CEO, Westinghouse Elec. Co.
  2. In the Carolinas?  Save the date for these two regional conferences:
  • Tours & Beach Weekend
    Date: July 14-15th, 2017
    Location: Wilmington, NC
    Host Chapter(s): GE-Hitachi and Duke Energy
  • VC Summer Regional Event
    Date: September 28th (evening) – September 30th, 2017
    Location: Columbia, SC
    Host Chapter(s): VCS, Westinghouse – Columbia