Membership Newsletter – Volume 17 Issue 7

NAYGN Vice President Christine Johnsen delivering the opening address for Duke Energy's NAYGN Chapter Conference
Photo by: Daniel Lewis

From Your NAYGN Core

NAYGN is staging to release Marie’s Electric Adventure, a children’s book about nuclear energy developed by NAYGN.  Books will be released to every NAYGN chapter near National Nuclear Science Week.  More to come!

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It’s time to vote!  What’s your favorite photo from NAYGN’s 2017 Conference?

Save the date: NAYGN’s Atlantic/Northeast Regional Conference is scheduled October 27-29th in Washington DC, and will be a joint event with American Nuclear Society’s Young Members Group.

Hearing from our Chapters

Flat Stanley, a man bound to two dimensions, took a journey through Vogtle 3&4.  He brought back photos from his trip, and shared how young students were able to learn from his journey.

Duke Energy wrapped up their 2017 chapter conference, including release of a radioactive-decay-themed board game, a children’s museum takeover, facility tours, and panel discussions.

VC Summer recently cleaned up South Carolina’s Palmetto Trail, showing again how nuclear professionals give back to their community.

Last Words

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Progress continues on David Schumacher’s The New Fire documentary.

Check out this Clinton Nuclear Plant video – it exemplifies the power nuclear plants can have in a community.