NAYGN Canada Holds NuHill Day Advocacy Event in Toronto

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) held an event called Nuclear Hill Day (NuHill Day) on September 29th 2015. This was the first event held by the CNA to meet at Queens Park with members of the Provincial Parliament. Matthew Mairinger and Mayank Singh participated in this event as representatives of NAYGN. The NAYGN delegates participated in various meetings throughout the day to provide information to the politicians, discussing long-term energy planning and addressing questions and comments from the meeting delegates.

[caption id="attachment_5337" align="alignnone" width="961"]NuHill Day (Sept 29, 2015) Participants NuHill Day (Sept 29, 2015) Participants[/caption]


Reflecting back on the event, the NAYGN delegates note that it was a great learning experience to provide information to the politicians alongside seasoned industry professionals.

NAYGN is grateful to the CNA for providing this opportunity to its representatives. NAYGN Canada looks forward to continuing to participate in such events in the future.