NAYGN member takes hands on approach

[caption id="attachment_1403" align="alignleft" width="300"]NAYGN Image 2 NAYGN member Christine Johnsen takes part in a Habitat for Humanity build in Raleigh, North Carolina. Christine has played a major role in structuring the Duke Energy section of NAYGN.[/caption]

By Lee Causey
Procurement Engineering, CRDF
Duke Energy

In 2013, the NAYGN – Duke Energy chapter faced a number of large challenges. With Duke Energy and Progress Energy merging, the YGN chapter quickly became one of the largest chapters in the nation but included two very different halves. With challenges from organizational structures to budget allocations raising many questions about the future of the chapter, Christine Johnsen was nominated as Fleet Coordinator and has very quickly taken charge. I would like to recognize Christine Johnsen for her exceptional efforts in 2013. The list below presents a portion of her achievements:

  • · Member of the YGN Merger Integration Team, developing the structure, duties, charter and bylaws for the Duke Energy chapter after the merger with Progress Energy.
    · In first four months as Fleet Coordinator (highest position within chapter), deeply involved with each aspect of the chapter, including coordination of the chapter’s 8 locations over 3 states, driving success for a strong chapter presence at the 2013 NAYGN Annual PD Conference, and high involvement with the chapter budget and sponsor.
    · Organized a chapter benchmarking effort with Exelon, leading to the creation of a number of initiatives to further improve the large Duke Energy chapter.
    · Lead the development for the chapter’s 2013 multisite event, drawing an estimated 200 chapter members from 8 locations over 3 states for professional development, community service and networking. The importance of this event is amplified in 2013 as the Duke Energy chapter is entering as one of the largest chapters in the nation, and in its first year. This requires an incredible amount of coordination.
    · Christine was a strong contributor to the procurement of an additional $18,800 to the chapter’s 2013 budget.
    · Christine’s most valuable traits as a leader are intangible. She is resilient, proactive, outgoing and very open and helpful to the chapter. She has remained indefatigable throughout the chapter merger process and consistently goes beyond the expectations of the chapter to ensure the chapter’s success.

2013 is Christine’s third year as a NAYGN officer, each year rising hire in position. The chapter continues to greatly benefit from her continued efforts and leadership.