NAYGN Members are making an impact

On May 23, 2016 the NAYGN Impact was introduced to the attendees at the NAYGN National Conference in Miami. This initiative was created to complement current industry efforts to improve efficiency while also advocating for nuclear energy facilities to be fully recognized for their value. NAYGN chapters were challenged to pick one thing they wanted to do to contribute to the success of the nuclear industry.

NAYGN members at 25 chapters across North America completed this challenge in 2016.  Some of the chapter accomplishments are highlighted below:

Public Outreach

  • Energy Northwest established a relationship with their corporate public affairs group and became an official part of the company’s outreach program. They also facilitated public outreach training for site personnel including incorporation into the craft/technical training cycle.
  • Comanche Peak invested over 200 hours into Public Information outreach activities, which reached approximately 550 members of the public. These activities educate students who will be the next generation of voters, policy-makers, and perhaps even nuclear industry professionals, thereby educating the people who may have a significant impact on the future energy industry.
  • Durham chapter established a Facebook and Twitter account so their voice can be better heard amongst the younger generation. They also spoke at a live broadcasted public hearing for the Port Hope license which showed the support and engagement of the younger generation in the nuclear industry
  • GE chapter partnered with the Wilmington Local Section of ANS to host the 2016 Nuclear Science Week “Big Event” which reached more than 1,500 student and community members.
  • Southern Nuclear Corporate chapter developed and hosted their first-ever scout merit badge workshop to help 80 Boy and Girl Scouts earn the nuclear science merit badge or patch.

Internal Company Efforts

  • AREVA Richland held a Technical Lunch with experts in various technical groups which allowed members to receive instruction on topics that they would not broach in their day to day work.
  • VC Summer developed the VCS Buddy Program for new employees that would utilize volunteers from the site to assist and familiarize new employees to our culture and practices.
  • The Calvert Cliffs chapter paired with the site Innovation Team and site senior leadership to communicate Delivering the Nuclear Promise and what it means to individuals at the site.
  • Dominion Innsbrook created a series called “Retiree Exit Presentations” where interviews with retirees where done to transfer tacit knowledge. Questions were also asked to gain insights on what each retiree believed was the greatest challenge for the next generation of nuclear employees and how it could be overcome.

We can all play a role in advancing the future of nuclear; how are you making an impact?

Other chapters that completed their NAYGN impact are AREVA- Charlotte, Creating Services, Curtis Wainwright, Duke Energy, Enercon Northeast, Entergy ANO, Entergy Echelon, Entergy River Bend, Entergy Waterford 3, Exelon West, First Energy Akron, Palo Verde, Rolls Royce, Vogtle 1&2, WECTEC Charlotte, and Westinghouse – Rock Hill, Pittsburgh, and Windsor

The River Bend chapter created a safety spotlight mural in the employee cafeteria

AREVA and Westinghouse Charlotte chapters held a nuclear advocacy event at the University of North Carolina Charlotte