Primed to Make an Impact on the Future of Nuclear

In late October 2018, NAYGN members from across the Northeast and Atlantic regions met at the Exelon headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland for the 5th annual joint Northeast/Atlantic Regional Conference, hosted by the Calvert Cliffs NAYGN Chapter.

One of the conferences many highlights was an excellent key note panel that was both open and honest. The panelist shared candidly about their own personal career trajectories as well as their hopes for the future of nuclear.

Couldn’t make it to Maryland? We’ve highlighted four key takeaways from the panelist below:

Maria Korsnick, NEI:

The industry is moving into an exciting time. Innovation and policy change will continue to drive the US nuclear industry to new highs. The NAYGN organization is a component of this growth and will continue to play an important role going into the future. During each facet of your career, take advantage of the opportunities to learn what your colleagues do and what is of value to them. You will be in a much better position to do your own work once you better understand those you are working with or for. Empathy is powerful.

Timothy Moore, Exelon:

Don’t be paralyzed by fear in your career; if you find something you are uncomfortable with, such as public speaking, seek out opportunities to hone that skill. Have a passion for excellence and continuous improvement. Begin with the end in mind and have the foresight to lay out a strategic path to achieving your goals.

Paul Tobin, Rolls Royce:

The beautiful part of this industry has always been its dedication to collaboration and solving problems together. Whether it be the initiatives at a conference or local site, it’s great to see how NAYGN has fully embraced these longstanding qualities. The group brings a tangible energy to every event and they are primed to make an impact on the future of nuclear power.