NAYGN, We’re happy to announce that… GEORGE IS HERE!

George’s Energy Adventure is the sequel to our 2017 children’s book, Marie’s Electric Adventure, and focuses on the concept of energy diversification. In this book, George and his friends have the exciting challenge of powering a city! Readers will take the journey to discover how energy diversification powers their world! The story describes George’s project at Edison’s Inventors Camp to power his own city. Once George realizes that one source of energy is not enough to power his city, he dreams of all the different types of energy. George learns the importance of each energy source and how working together can result in a better outcome. He returns to camp the next day to work with Marie (from Marie’s Electric Adventure) to build a city that uses a diverse energy portfolio.

Free copies of the book have been distributed to those chapters interested in taking George into local classrooms and communities during Nuclear Science Week (October 14-18). We encourage you to leave a copy of the book behind so it can be shared again and again!  If you’re sharing George with a group of children, NAYGN has created an Activity Guide to help you bring the story to life.  The Activity Guide also includes Coloring Pages and some helpful resources and reading tips.

Looking to share George’s Energy Adventure with your friends & family? The book is available in hard copy on Amazon for a limited time.

Printing thousands of books is only the beginning!  An e-book version will be available through i-tunes which will allow teachers to utilize the book free of charge in their classrooms.  Be on the lookout in a future membership newsletter for additional details once released!

Additionally, the pre-order boxes have been delivered to those that ordered this summer.  At this time, NAYGN does have a few extra boxes ($150 USD for 30 books).  If interested in purchasing, please reach out to

Last but not least- NAYGN has much appreciated the countless individuals (members, children, friends) who provided feedback every step of the way on this project.  A special thanks to Natalie Wood for guiding the committee over the past 1.5 years to bring George to life on the pages of our book!

Questions about George? Please reach out to