TVA Sequoyah NAYGN Members Volunteering at Unit 2 Outage Fair

TVA Safety, FME Coordinators, WIN, TVA Diversity Inclusion and Sequoyah NAYGN Core volunteered their time to explain the importance we all have in a Safe work place as we prepare for Unit 2 refueling outage this month. Our NAYGN booth had an activity board set up showing our Professional Development, Community Service, Networking and Public outreach events that we do. We encouraged employees to get involved and become a member of NAYGN team so they too can make a difference in the work place and community. We had our NAYGN sports packs, Pens and Pencils with our NAYGN logo to give away.


Site Safety Reminders—Proper Liquid Disposal, PPE, and Delay Gate Entry/Exit

  • TVA is entrusted with the management of the Tennessee River, so all employees must be mindful of what is poured into drains. This is not about key performance indicators; it is about environmental stewardship. Remember to correctly contain and label all liquids.
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for everyone’s safety. Signs clearly identify areas where specific PPE is required. Watch for these signs and work safe.
  • All workers must ensure they re-secure delay gates as soon as they enter or exit one of the gates.