Post Card Push Day


THE NUMBERS GAME: 2,000 postcards, 26 Chapters, 16 different states, 1 Day!


How do you grab the attention of busy politicians?  Send them thousands of postcards!

Last year, 26 different local NAYGN chapters from 16 different states sent collectively 2,000 postcards to their local and state legislators in support and awareness of National Nuclear Science Week.  Government officials received these Nuclear advocacy postcards from their district’s participating NAYGN local chapters, which brought awareness of the volume of constituents in their region who believe nuclear power is the future for energy sustainability. The goal is to send even more postcards this year!

Dates to Know:
September 28 – Last day to request postcards
October 13 – Postcards go in the mail
October 17-21 – National Nuclear Science Week

Quote from Chris: “Post Card Push Day has been a huge success because of how easy it is to fill out a post card and drop it in the mail.  Government outreach doesn’t solely depend on the message, but the volume of voting constituents who support that message.  Post Card Push Day captures both of those aspects and provides a unique avenue for nuclear advocacy.”


Postcard 2016


If you are interested in ordering postcards to send to local/state/federal legislative officials making them aware of NNSW and the pro-nuclear message, please email with you name, number of cards and an address.

Pictures from Post Card Push Day:

Ft. Calhoun Chapter

20141013_130712 20141013_130649


Want to learn how to set up an NRC

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