WHO:  Students in Grades 9 to 12 are eligible to participate in this contest.

TOPIC:  The nuclear industry is always dedicated to the safety of all our communities, the employees, and their families who support and work tirelessly to support the work we do to protect the environment and keep our lights on every day!  We are very satisfied with the great achievement of the nuclear industry’s contribution to clean, affordable and reliable energy.  Nuclear power will play a major role in helping the world fight climate change and achieve net-zero emissions.  Can nuclear power save us from climate change?  How has nuclear energy changed the world?

FORMAT: 12 PT Times New Roman, 500-1000 Word Limit

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 31st 2021.  Submit to studentoutreach@naygn.org


  •  1st Place: Laptop
  • 2nd Place: Tablet
  • 3rd Place: Educational Gift Hamper

Reach out to studentoutreach@naygn.org for more information.