Diversity and Inclusion

Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis

Board Sponsor

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer


Sandra Stewart
Michael Hayes
Deborah Jones
Patrick Dickerson
Sarah Davis
Monica Beistline Block
Amber Von Ruden
David Yancey
Ashley Lawrence
William Schoenhals
Osama Baig

Current Items

NAYGN Committees Reloaded

In August 2023, the NAYGN Board of Directors hosted a webinar regarding the status of the various NAYGN Committees. Directors highlighted what has been changing in their committee landscapes, what skillsets were needed, and where members could fit in to move the...

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Committee Purpose

This special committee was formed in 2020 to help address NAYGN’s diversity gaps identified in the 2020 Career Report and to make NAYGN a more diverse and inclusive organization. Recruitment and retention of diverse nuclear members in both the industry and NAYGN and career support for all members will greatly benefit both the NAYGN organization and the nuclear industry.
o In addition to addressing diversity and inclusion within NAYGN, this committee will serve to help address systemic racism in our organization, the industry, and our communities.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Develop actions and initiatives based on input from the committee, NAYGN members, and NAYGN core.

2. The NAYGN core sponsor is responsible for general guidiance of the committee. The Committee lead is responsible for leading committee activities and member actions.

3. Committee to provide periodic updates to the Core and the general membership on D&I initiatives.

4. Committee to identify and communicate areas of concern or opportunities for improvement within the D&I Committee.

5. Committee Sponsor: Attend the yearly NAYGN Core meeting to provide a committee report-out.

6. Maintain the D&I Committee Charter current by reviewing and, if necessary, revising it periodically.