NAYGN periodically hosts webinars to provide its membership with additional opportunities for professional development.   There are no specific guidelines on webinar content, but webinars typically provide awareness of current industry events, best practices for career development, or discuss NAYGN activities and events.  NAYGN accepts suggestions for webinar materials, so please contact us if you have any recommendations or offers for future webinars.

Please remember that webinars require prior registration to attend.  Individual participation in webinars is encouraged, but local chapters may use the webinar events to supplement other local chapter meetings or as an organized stand-alone chapter activity.

Webinar Resources


Book Club

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” – Scott Adams.

May 2020 – A Case Study on Protected Activity and Employee Protection with Thomas Saunders


September 2019 – Career Progression and Becoming a Leader, Donna Christianse (STP)


February 2013 – Westinghouse SMR Presentation

April 2013 – Hill Day Webinar Presentation

July 2013 – Develop Yourself for Career Success – Communications Webinar Presentation