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Megan Lubbers

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NAYGN Committees Reloaded

NAYGN Committees Reloaded

In August 2023, the NAYGN Board of Directors hosted a webinar regarding the status of the various NAYGN Committees. Directors highlighted what has been changing in their committee landscapes, what skillsets were needed, and where members could fit in to move the...

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Advocating for Carbon-Free Energy

Although nuclear science often gets a spooky reputation (probably from Godzilla, The Simpsons or other pop culture references), it is a very useful and interesting technology with a lot of cool applications! As an energy, it is super dense (72 thousand times more dense than any fossil fuel), space efficient (over 100 times less land area usage than wind energy), and emits zero carbon (just like solar, wind, and hydro!).

What about the radiation? Radiation (or energetic particles) is all around us. You are radioactive! I’m radioactive! The ground is radioactive. You eat radioactive food every day. The air you breath is radioactive. Radiation is natural and has always existed in nature. Your body cannot tell the difference between man-made radiation or natural radiation. The radiation from a nuclear power plant is miniscule (about 300 times less) than the radiation you receive naturally every day!

What about the waste? Since nuclear energy is so dense, the waste is very tiny and can be contained (instead of being emitted via a smokestack like fossil fuels or piling up as chemical waste like used solar panels). In fact, if you were to get your lifetime supply of energy from nuclear, the waste would fit inside a soda can.

Did you know?

There was a NATURAL nuclear “reactor” in Africa 2 billion years ago! It is referred to as the Oklo Reactor!