Membership Announcements Volume 12, Issue 31

Breaking News...

  • This years’ 17th Annual NAYGN Drawing Contest theme is “Nuclear Energy Packs a Punch.”  We are looking for Local Chapters to take the lead in hosting a Drawing Contest in your area.  Please refer to the 2015 Drawing Contest Materials on the PI Committee website for detailed instructions on how to host a drawing contest (including a step-by-step Members Guide, the 2015 PowerPoint presentation, English and Spanish versions of the contest Introduction Letters, and much more).  The top drawings will be posted for online voting via the NAYGN webpage and drawing contest winners will be chosen in December 2015.
  • This years' Annual Northeast and Atlantic Regional Conference will be held on September 11th and 12th at the offices of MPR Associates in Alexandria, VA. The theme this year is "Evolution in Nuclear".  Check it out and register here!
  • On September 16th, the NYC chapter of NAYGN will be hosting a tour of Indian Point Energy Center. Any members interested in attending a tour of the facility should contact the chapter chair; Dan Carleton.
  • On September 19th, the Nine Mile Point chapter of NAYGN will be hosting a charity golf outing at the Timber Banks Country Club in Baldwinsville, NY. Event proceeds will benefit local Oswego County charities.  Please contact Rupert Wade for details, sponsorship opportunities, and registration information.

Get Involved...

  • Do you enjoy engaging the public on nuclear energy?  Are you social media savvy?  Do you retweet, favorite and reply to tweets on Twitter?  Do you like to use #hashtags?  If this sounds like you, we want you to be part of the NAYGN Twitter team. Interested persons should contact the Twitter Team Lead; Terry Groth or DM him on Twitter.
  • Did you have a great experience at the 2015 Professional Development (PD) Conference?  Want to make the 2016 conference even better?  The PD committee is kicking off for the year, and it’s not too late to join the team.  Abbey Donahue, the PD chair, is looking for team members of all backgrounds, and all levels of commitment.  Contact
  • The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) requests a partnership with the nuclear energy industry. NAYGN seeks four more volunteers for a leadership team to setup outreach events with NSBE chapters during National Nuclear Science Week (NNSW) of October 19‑24, 2015.  Contact