Membership Newsletter – Volume 17 Issue 14

From your NAYGN Core

  • Your NAYGN Core (above) met last week during the Regional Events in DC. We covered the budget and elections, Nuclear Science Week achievements, NAYGN PD Conference sessions and teacher workshop, chapter Innovating Our Impact submittals, and so much more.
  • We’re making a sequel to Marie’s Electric Adventure, but need ideas and volunteers to help build them.  Interested?
  • Excellence Awards for the 3rd Quarter of 2017 are now open.  Please do take the time and nominate one of the many great contributors to NAYGN!
  • The Core is in need of some help with our next PI events (drawing contest, essay contest) and GoNuke publications. Can you spare two hours to help us?

Hearing from Our Members

  • Our members took 10,000 books to classrooms across North America during National Nuclear Science Week, sharing stories, nuclear dances, and fun activities promoting nuclear science and energy. There are many more great photos under #readwithmarie and #nuclearsciweek!
  • Thirty-eight NAYGN chapters also wrote 3,750 postcards explaining the benefits of nuclear energy to their local representatives. Our President Abbey Donnahue also submitted a letter to FERC showing NAYGN’s support for Rick Perry’s grid resiliency rule.  It’s been a great month.

Last Words

  • Connecticut’s State Bill 1501 was signed last week, allowing carbon-free electricity from Millstone to be sold in auctions that has been reserved for wind, solar, and Canadian hydroelectric generation.
  • Speaking of bills, it’s worth following H.R. 3053, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendment Act of 2017. It helps resolve the ratepayer’s existing investments into long-term storage (think: Yucca Mountain). The Energy and Commerce committee has released some talking points.
  • NEI’s new #DiscoverNuclear campaign has a lot to offer. If you haven’t checked their website out, you should.