We are thrilled to release our 2024 NAYGN Career Report! Nuclear Energy has a bright future, but we must continue to retain our existing workforce and attract new talent to energize our future. This year's Career Report explores various perspectives of what it will take to support the Nuclear Industry and the people who make it successful day in and out.

This year's report focuses on the people who make up our industry and their current perception of what it takes to keep them engaged. NAYGN also explores topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to understand the face of the industry and how the needs of all individuals are being met. Results of this report will be used to support NAYGN in developing effective and engaging opportunities for our members and the public, including webinars, conferences, and outreach opportunities.

Thank you to our dedicated career report team and our hundreds of NAYGN members and allies who provided data to support this initiative. If you are interested in participating in future career report initiatives check out our Benchmarking Committee and join today!

Download the full report here.