A Career in Nuclear is More Than “Just a Job” to Young Generation


The North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN)’s 2016 Career Report reveals that young professionals see a career in nuclear as more than just a job.  Overall, 83% of those surveyed are satisfied with their jobs which is significantly higher than the average U.S. worker at 48.3% according to the results of the 2015 Conference Board Job Satisfaction Survey.


In order to better understand the continued high job satisfaction rate among young nuclear professionals, this year’s survey asked why NAYGN members chose to work in the nuclear industry. The top reason cited by 40% of respondents was the clean air energy aspects of nuclear power.

“Nuclear energy is the largest source of clean air energy and young professionals who want to make an impact on environmental issues are eager to support the nuclear industry.  Working for a company that not only provides energy but does so without polluting the air is definitely a reason to be excited and proud about the contribution you are making to society,” said Natalie Wood, NAYGN President.

This mirrors the shift several recent surveys have identified that today’s workforce wants to feel invested in their company’s corporate responsibility efforts; this is an even larger desire for the young generation.  The 2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study reveals that two-thirds of workers aged 27-35 say they won’t work for companies that do not have a strong corporate responsibility commitment and once hired, they are more likely to be loyal when they feel they can make a positive impact on issues at work.


One thought that is gaining a lot of attention from NAYGN members is that supporting the increased use of nuclear energy on a global scale can help to improve the living standards of billions of people.  “One of the most retweeted posts from the 2016 Nuclear Energy Assembly was that nuclear energy can actually save the world.  This is causing a lot of buzz and creating activists out of normally quiet engineers.” said Monica Beistline, NAYGN Communications Chair.

“As a result of this survey, the NAYGN organization will continue to find new opportunities for our members to advocate for the value of nuclear power and advance the future of nuclear so that we continue to have the clean air benefits for years to come,” said Wood.

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